12 months old.

[Her 12 month post has been waiting ever so patiently.  Here are some photos taken of Dhara the first week of January.]  It’s been a year since she joined the Smith/Kurikeshu households, and a joyful year it’s been watching her grow into her personality and becoming a cherry little person.  She’s an affectionate little girl who loves giving kisses and hugs.  She says hello to everyone she sees, even if they don’t say hi back, but most do.  She’ll wave goodbye immediately followed by a dramatic flying kiss.  Oh, I love her.

My little girl definitely has a mullet.  You can’t tell from these photos, but it’s there. Trust me.  Zuma Aunty often asks her, “Baby, do you like your mullet?”  In which, Dhara nods her head, yes.  The mullet hasn’t gotten bad — at least not yet.  It still curls under her ear in a cute pixie way.  Like Tinkerbelle from Peter Pan.  I’m hoping I wont have to cut her hair, ever.  I just love it when little girls have long hair.  But we’ll see how the mullet fares in the coming months.

Dhara just loves books.  She’s always picking up books and asking to be read to, “book, book.”  Her most recent fave has been Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? by Dr. Seuss.  She makes the sound of the rooster, “cock-a-doo”, the cow, “moooooo”, and the cork, “pop pop.”  She can even whisper, which is really cute to hear. “Whisper, whisper, and that is that”, as Dr. Seuss would say.

She walks alot quicker these days.  Her gait is similar to a ducks — waddle waddle — but a fast duck.  She loves closets and she’s always eager to be where the action + fun is.  She loves her Zuma Aunty, Josh Uncle, and Aunt Beth especially.  And both grandmas have a special special place in her heart where kisses reside and special secrets are told.  Her great grandpa is also among her endeared.

She’s still not a big eater, but she loves yogurt.  It doesn’t surprise me after all the yogurt I ate when I was pregnant.  One thing is for sure, she won’t eat what you give her, but she will eat off the floor!

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  1. Her dress is so stylish! So cute!


  2. great post! luv the dress + shoes


  3. my heavens, she is so cute! I love that big grin. Ezra loves yogurt too. I mix it with some strawberry sauce from the summer and he gobbles it right up.


  4. So pretty!


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