my valentine.

(Feb 2003.  Chi Alpha Homeless Shelter Outreach.)

It was a pretty swell Valentine’s Day back in 2003, college, junior year at University of Maryland.  We had known each other for about 2 weeks before attending the Chi Alpha Homeless Shelter Outreach together. The spark of friendship had begun the moment we met that 2 weeks prior, and by the time the Outreach came along we were like old pals that knew what made the other smile.  And smile we did, often. We weren’t each other’s valentine at the time, but time would surely tell these two friends that separation would make our hearts grow sick, and togetherness made us just what was supposed to be.

Happy Valentine’s Day Mr. Smith.  Love, Mrs Smith.

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  1. very sweet! but the best part of this post is that you are wearing overalls…the end.


  2. sony, you funny girl. i did have my fair share of overalls in college. still like them if I don’t say so myself. 😉


  3. was that the skirt kind or the pants kind?


  4. in my head it was the skirt one, but, i dunno, im a little foggy in this picture


  5. giftio, it was the pants kind…


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