cloth napkins.

Project 2: Cloth Napkins.

Vintage or handmade cloth napkins are a little something-something that make my heart happy.  They show me that you care.  They make a home sweet and cozy. Especially during tea time, with perhaps a side of blackberry tea cake?  My next Home Ec project is two-fold: single sided cloth napkins, and double sided cloth napkins.  My past Home Ec projects can be found here (pin cushion).

stack of handmade cloth napkins

single sided napkins

the zig zag stitch adds a simple decorative touch

double sided napkins

front is 100% cotton, back is 100% linen

the blue ricrac adds a playful touch

me thinks it’s time for a picnic

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  1. LOVE the fabric selections, you are a genius at combinations. Looking forward to your visit sooo much!


  2. These napkins are GORGEOUS! DEFINITELY time for a picnic or a special cozy tea time with some close friends. Where do you find your fabrics? I absolutely love the colors and patterns you picked out for this project! Kudos!


    1. thank you! i usually purchase fabric online.


  3. So cute! I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog–through a project you completed on Ravelry! I plan on signing up for Home Ec soon! Also, your little girl is gorgeous!


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