green girl.

dhara waiting for her great grandparents to come for their weekly visit to play with their great granddaughter. my, does she love them…

She’s my little green girl.  Her middle name means, “meadow by the river.”  I just love that.  She says hello [“hi-lo”] to small birds and hugs big dogs.  We sit around in our beloved nightgowns all day long and laugh and play.  But of course when there is work to be done, my little green girl follows me around in her hurried little step watching ever so curiously what I do and going determinedly where I go.

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  1. Her hair is soo long now, is the dress her pajamas? They are soo cute.


    1. her hair is getting so long…can’t wait till the day till it’s truly ponytail worthy 😉
      and yes, those are her pyjamas…I love her in little nightgowns!!!


  2. really, susan, she’s too cute! 🙂 and those jammies are darling too! i want my own pair 🙂


  3. LOVE your little green girl! She looks so cute and comfy in her sleep gown! The fabric pattern and color is really beautiful!


  4. ohmygosh. youcutupthatsheet!!! smartpoochy.


  5. sending kisses to her!


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