hair by zuma aunty

Dhara’s hair is getting longer.  Her bangs literally cover her eyes now.  Thank goodness she lets me put a barrette in so she can see!  My hope is that I won’t have to cut her hair — at least for a long while.  I was always the little girl with the short bob; so I am determined that my little girl have long hair for me to heidi braid and tie up in cute buns.  Let’s see how this pans out!

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  1. “Want the same do? Contact Zuma Aunty at 555.DharaDo”


  2. becky: ba dum chuck


  3. lolllllll. sony, JUST because you know how to play drums now…don’t mean you need to call me out! 😉


  4. i was goiing to put, crickets chirping in parentheses, but i was trying to be nice…LOL 🙂


  5. ummm…take your personal covo’s elsewhere. (sike, sike, I know you guys are keep’in it real here at susie mey) 🙂


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