handmade gifts.

I love handmade — especially for baby.  It’s unique and different.  I’m currently in a season of handmade gifts.  With so many little ones born, and many more on the way, I’ve been a very busy busy bee.  I’ve been working mostly on bibs and swaddling blankets — my specialty at this point.  : )  I love baby things, especially baby things that have a homespun organic feel, but with a modern edge.

(As you peruse, you may notice the official Susie Mey textile tag.  Well, there’s much more to be said about that.  Soon.  Very soon.)

Interested in purchasing a bib or swaddling blanket?  These make the perfect gifts for the new mama, and look pretty darn cute on baby.  Support the handmade revolution!  Email me at

blankets are sized at 40″ x 40″ — perfect for swaddling your little burrito baby, or using as a toddler blanket, or even a nursing cover for mama. blankets are cotton flannel and backed with a tea dyed cotton muslin.

bibs are backed with the option of beautiful organic waffle cotton, or modern organic linen. bibs also have an absorbent inner all natural cotton batting which protects baby’s clothes.

bibs can be purchased in sets or individually

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  1. Beautiful! Your family must be so proud. Congrats. I look forward to being able to purchase a few things for my classroom! 😉


  2. beautiful! beautiful!

    ooh, what tool do you use to do the snaps?


    1. tiffanie, thanks! greg actually attaches the snaps…I guess you could call us a tag team! 🙂
      I currently use this snap setter:

      But I make so many bibs these days that I’m looking into something a little more efficient/fancier, like this:


  3. cooooooooooooooool. these are loverly.


  4. My, you’ve been busy! I love EVERYTHING you’ve made and the susiemey tag is just great!


  5. would you ever consider doing like a full queen size blanket?


    1. anu, sure I would! I’ve done a few queen sized quilts.


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