old wood + co.

Whenever we visit Greg’s family at the beach, his parents take us to the neatest places.  The Old Wood + Co is one of them, (not a great website, but truly a great store).  Here, crafters take wood from old barns and old homes to create old world styled furniture.  The store was actually an old milking barn from 1900, and much of the original structure is still intact.

Greg’s mom and I went googoo over a beautiful could-be crafting table.  I think the trip also inspired my husband who has an inclination and talent for restoration.  We both love restoration projects and the finished aged look of furniture once restored. We are hoping to live in an old barn some day for this very reason.  Just kidding, but maybe not.  Who knows where the good Lord will lead us.  : )

In hopes of doing some restoration ourselves, we decided to build Dhara a bookshelf to house her myriad of books — something like this, but nicer!  We salvaged some old cedar in the attic of our 1920’s rental home — so we hope to use it for a little restoration project in the next couple weeks.  Photos to come!

mom looking at a beautiful glass doored cabinet for storing fabric

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