dhara days.

It’s been rainy these past two days.  Nothing compared to the glorious Monday that the Dhara-girl and I spent out and about town this week.  We had a doctor’s appointment where my girly got 2 shots.  I have to say, she’s a real trooper at the doctor’s office.  Every time she goes, she’s so trusting and so friendly with the doc and his wife — a pleasant pair.  Most kids we see at the office are screaming their heads off while Dhara silently watches them wondering, “what’s the big deal?”

She walks into the private patient room chatting, waving, and smiling at each person she sees.  That is until her trust is betrayed with a needle jabbed into each thigh.  I feel so bad for how trusting she is — only to be hurt in the end.  But then again, it’s so refreshing to see how she faithfully trusts.  Reminds me of how all-trusting I should be in the lover of my heart, Jesus, the only person who could never hurt me.

After her shots, we headed over to Nest, where I spoke to a woman about selling my handmade Indian block printed bibs at the shop.  Love that shop!  Next we headed over to our local Roots Market for some seeds.  I’m motivated to go to the next level with our garden this year — more about this in a later post.  At Roots, we picked up some baby snacks, some much needed burt’s bees lip balm, and some heirloom seeds consisting of red bell pepper, yellow squash, egg plant, and purple beans.  We drove home with the music on, all the windows down and the breeze whizzing our hair around.  Dhara loved it — she was all smiles in the back seat.  I love that girl and her chuckle.  I love this age she’s in — I think it’s my favorite.  I told Greg that I loved her as a baby, but now I doubly love her personality which melts my heart constantly throughout the day.  She’s a sweetheart, my girl.

munching on mozzarella cheese + apples

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  1. shes’ so darling susan and i just love her sweet little outfits! 🙂


  2. hugs to Dhara


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