I’m pretty pumped about starting our garden this year.  I guess you could call it Round II.  Last year’s garden was decent — we had some lovely summer salads of romaine lettuce, broccoli, and squash.  But I have higher hopes for this year.  I decided I would get a head start (compared to last year’s start) and begin germinating seeds indoors due to the unpredictable weather.  So last week I found seeds that I had purchased the year before, cleaned out some old pots, filled them with some good earth, and planted some carrots, tomatoes, beets, jalapeno peppers, cayenne peppers, black raspberries, red raspberries, and grapes.

After a trip to Roots this week, Dhara and I came home with heirloom seeds and planted purple beans, squash, red bell pepper, and eggplant.  We also have a basil plant which I’ve been caring for since January — it comes in handy for our homemade pizza nights.  Plus, my rosemary bush from last season seems to be resurrecting with life as the weather gets warmer.  I hope to plant more herbs before it gets any warmer.

I was so very pleased to find a couple days ago that my carrot, tomato and beet seeds have already sprouted and have grown about an inch — so exciting to see something come from nothing!  I now find myself becoming protective over my little seedlings.  Here’s hoping for a fruitful harvest this year!

purple beans, squash, red bell pepper

red raspberry plant


squash seeds

germinating seeds

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  1. Makes me want to get my hands in the soil! Be careful replanting the beets and carrots. Root veggies don’t do so well being transplanted in my experience. Beans also just need a good soak before sticking them in the mud since it takes so little time for them to sprout.


    1. faith, I didn’t know this! i will be careful when transplanting in the bed. thank ye!


  2. I love your bowls in the first picture, beautiful!


    1. thanks cd!


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