savage mill.

photography by Chelsea Hudson

The Dhara-girl and I spent the morning with Chelsea (as in Chelsea Hudson Photography) and two of her three girls, Sydney and Nadia.  We strolled the compound of Historic Savage Mill — an old textile weaving mill dating back to the 1820’s.  It functioned as a textile mill for over 100 years!  I so wish I could go back in time to experience what went on at this beautiful stone mill.

It now functions as an art inspiring place that houses resident artist studios, offices, galleries and crafty shops.  Not to mention small restaurants and a nifty french bakery with buttery flaky soft pastries, fruit tarts and breads — don’t mind the girl behind the register, she may roll her eyes at you, but the sniek pastry (Cheslea, spelling?) is still really really good, trust me.

As you can see in the photos below, there is also a neat old red bridge that sits right over the Little Patuxent River.  The girls had a blast as Chelsea shot some really fun photos of them.  Photos below by Chelsea Hudson.

my Dhara-girl in a handmade sweater. I so love this shot.


bashful bridge walker

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