“”Babywearing” simply means holding or carrying a baby or young child using a cloth baby carrier.  Holding babies is natural and universal; baby carriers make it easier and more comfortable, allowing parents and caregivers to hold or carry their children while attending to the daily tasks of living.”

Even before I had Dhara I knew I wanted to carry her around in some sort of sling. It just seemed right and the natural thing to do to have my baby close to me. During Dhara’s first 10 months we carried her around alot in various baby wearing slings/carriers.  We received the Maya WrapErgo Baby, and Baby Bjorn as gifts, and because I loved the simplicity of the sling, I purchased the Puj Go Sling for quick local trips.  Here are some of my thoughts on these various slings/carriers:

1.  Maya Wrap — Made with beautiful hand-loomed cotton fabric; however, the sling is not intuitive to wear initially, so you better let your handy husband help you put it on correctly!  Once it’s on and baby is inside, I love how it makes me feel like a mama kangaroo with my baby attached to me.  Again, this just feels right.  The Maya Wrap is especially nice for the first couple months when baby wants to be near mama.  We used this sling to put Dhara to sleep during those first couple months. I really loved how this sling made her look like an adorable bundle of cuteness enclosed in her little cove all cozy and sweet.  This sling holds up to 35 pounds.

2.  Ergo Baby — A wonderful carrier that gives ample support to the lower back and shoulders — the two places that normally take the hit when babywearing. More than any of the carrier/slings I’ve tried, the Ergo may be bulkier than normal carriers, but it’s so good on the body.  This carrier can be used with baby on your back.  Even at 16 months old, this is the only carrier we use now that she’s older/heavier.  It carries up to 40 pounds.
3.  Baby Bjorn — We used this carrier when we went for neighborhood walks or when we worked on the garden.  It’s nice because baby can face outwards.  Ergo Baby warns against babies facing outwards — I understand their rational, but Dhara really seemed to love facing out when she was in the Bjorn.  This carrier does put a strain on the shoulders and back after some time.  The Bjorn carries up to 25 pounds.

4.  Puj Go Sling — A delightful little sling for those quick market or library runs. Great for quick trips because it’s super easy to stuff into your diaper bag.  After receiving it in the mail, I loved the modern fabrics used for the sling, but I realized I could make this sling on my own — it’s super simple if you have the exact measurements!  Overall, I prefer the Maya Wrap over this sling because I felt like the Puj put unneeded pressure on my shoulder as she began weighing more.  This sling carries up to 30 pounds.

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  1. May I share this post and your photos with my Montessori class this summer?


    1. Also, with the Ergo Baby, do you find that there is a point where she is tired from having her legs apart? Do you notice any immediate difference in the way she walks when she is released from it? Sorry to play twenty questions on you!


      1. zoe, yes of course, you may share this with your montessori class. 🙂
        I thought the same thing about her feeling uncomfortable with her legs being apart for so long, but I haven’t noticed this issue. she falls asleep in it being in that position for hours.

  2. I agree with the ergo love. I wore my 19m daughter on my back until I gave birth to her brother in it, and now brother who is 8m is in it all the time. We use it for church and when we are out. We went to disney world this week and he was in it most of the day, and my back didn’t complain until late in the day.

    Overall the kids are very happy being worn and others notice how it soothes them.


    1. cynthia, I agree…it is soothing for them..


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