if we lived in india.

Greg and I talk about living in India one day, if God wills.  So this is me doing a little daydreaming about our Indian home.  Textiles, artistic tile, exposed wood, oddly shaped rooms, slanted ceilings, kilim rugs, real color, Greg driving a rickshaw, our kids running around barefoot, frothy cardamom ginger tea, having a wooden front door that creaks, hot crispy dosas every morning with little metal bowls overflowing and clinking with sambar + chutney.  Hmmm… yes, I could get used to this.

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  1. Now I feel homesick 😦


  2. um sus. i think the towel situation would be too much for you. we would fight whenever i came to visit ya. And do you know, I just now realized that Greg grew up Catholic!?!?! That’s what happens when I just skim thru looking for Dhara!!


    1. um obec, if i lived in india, believe-me-you, I would have a closet stacked from floor to ceiling with turkish bath towels. 🙂
      and yes, greg grew up catholic…you are so late! 😉


  3. i lovveee these home photos- where’d you find them??


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