I’m pretty pumped about starting our garden this year.  I guess you could call it Round II.  Last year’s garden was decent — we had some lovely summer salads of romaine lettuce, broccoli, and squash.  But I have higher hopes for this year.  I decided I would get a head start (compared to last year’s start) and begin germinating seeds indoors due to the unpredictable weather.  So last week I found seeds that I had purchased the year before, cleaned out some old pots, filled them with some good earth, and planted some carrots, tomatoes, beets, jalapeno peppers, cayenne peppers, black raspberries, red raspberries, and grapes.

After a trip to Roots this week, Dhara and I came home with heirloom seeds and planted purple beans, squash, red bell pepper, and eggplant.  We also have a basil plant which I’ve been caring for since January — it comes in handy for our homemade pizza nights.  Plus, my rosemary bush from last season seems to be resurrecting with life as the weather gets warmer.  I hope to plant more herbs before it gets any warmer.

I was so very pleased to find a couple days ago that my carrot, tomato and beet seeds have already sprouted and have grown about an inch — so exciting to see something come from nothing!  I now find myself becoming protective over my little seedlings.  Here’s hoping for a fruitful harvest this year!

purple beans, squash, red bell pepper

red raspberry plant


squash seeds

germinating seeds

dhara days.

It’s been rainy these past two days.  Nothing compared to the glorious Monday that the Dhara-girl and I spent out and about town this week.  We had a doctor’s appointment where my girly got 2 shots.  I have to say, she’s a real trooper at the doctor’s office.  Every time she goes, she’s so trusting and so friendly with the doc and his wife — a pleasant pair.  Most kids we see at the office are screaming their heads off while Dhara silently watches them wondering, “what’s the big deal?”

She walks into the private patient room chatting, waving, and smiling at each person she sees.  That is until her trust is betrayed with a needle jabbed into each thigh.  I feel so bad for how trusting she is — only to be hurt in the end.  But then again, it’s so refreshing to see how she faithfully trusts.  Reminds me of how all-trusting I should be in the lover of my heart, Jesus, the only person who could never hurt me.

After her shots, we headed over to Nest, where I spoke to a woman about selling my handmade Indian block printed bibs at the shop.  Love that shop!  Next we headed over to our local Roots Market for some seeds.  I’m motivated to go to the next level with our garden this year — more about this in a later post.  At Roots, we picked up some baby snacks, some much needed burt’s bees lip balm, and some heirloom seeds consisting of red bell pepper, yellow squash, egg plant, and purple beans.  We drove home with the music on, all the windows down and the breeze whizzing our hair around.  Dhara loved it — she was all smiles in the back seat.  I love that girl and her chuckle.  I love this age she’s in — I think it’s my favorite.  I told Greg that I loved her as a baby, but now I doubly love her personality which melts my heart constantly throughout the day.  She’s a sweetheart, my girl.

munching on mozzarella cheese + apples

old wood + co.

Whenever we visit Greg’s family at the beach, his parents take us to the neatest places.  The Old Wood + Co is one of them, (not a great website, but truly a great store).  Here, crafters take wood from old barns and old homes to create old world styled furniture.  The store was actually an old milking barn from 1900, and much of the original structure is still intact.

Greg’s mom and I went googoo over a beautiful could-be crafting table.  I think the trip also inspired my husband who has an inclination and talent for restoration.  We both love restoration projects and the finished aged look of furniture once restored. We are hoping to live in an old barn some day for this very reason.  Just kidding, but maybe not.  Who knows where the good Lord will lead us.  : )

In hopes of doing some restoration ourselves, we decided to build Dhara a bookshelf to house her myriad of books — something like this, but nicer!  We salvaged some old cedar in the attic of our 1920’s rental home — so we hope to use it for a little restoration project in the next couple weeks.  Photos to come!

mom looking at a beautiful glass doored cabinet for storing fabric

handmade gifts.

I love handmade — especially for baby.  It’s unique and different.  I’m currently in a season of handmade gifts.  With so many little ones born, and many more on the way, I’ve been a very busy busy bee.  I’ve been working mostly on bibs and swaddling blankets — my specialty at this point.  : )  I love baby things, especially baby things that have a homespun organic feel, but with a modern edge.

(As you peruse, you may notice the official Susie Mey textile tag.  Well, there’s much more to be said about that.  Soon.  Very soon.)

Interested in purchasing a bib or swaddling blanket?  These make the perfect gifts for the new mama, and look pretty darn cute on baby.  Support the handmade revolution!  Email me at

blankets are sized at 40″ x 40″ — perfect for swaddling your little burrito baby, or using as a toddler blanket, or even a nursing cover for mama. blankets are cotton flannel and backed with a tea dyed cotton muslin.

bibs are backed with the option of beautiful organic waffle cotton, or modern organic linen. bibs also have an absorbent inner all natural cotton batting which protects baby’s clothes.

bibs can be purchased in sets or individually