drawstring gift pouch.

Project 3: Drawstring Gift Pouch.

For my next Home Ec project I made a medium sized drawstring gift pouch. Instead of wrapping a gift with paper, I created this pretty pouch that acts as a bonus gift and reusable bag!  The main part of the pouch is made from a reproduction french provincial cotton and the upper band is made from linen.  For the drawstring I used twill tape which more or less feels like ribbon.  My past Home Ec projects can be found here (pin cushion, cloth napkins).




filled with cloth diapers

I used twill tape for the drawstring

freshly cut dogwood blossoms from our backyard woods

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  1. why you cuttin down perfectly observable flowers from our backyard?! did MARY give you permission?!?!


  2. susan…..i love those bags!! so cute it reminds me of the french countryside……

    becky……your alias’ do not mask your identity! who says perfectly observable?? only you!


    1. sony, thanks! they would remind you of france since you just came from there!!! 🙂


  3. way to call a sista out, BFF!!!!


  4. nice! drawstring bags are so handy. and zuma/shabooqua & sonylilly.. you two make me chuckle


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