reusable grocery bag.

Project 4: Reusable Grocery Bag.

Another Home Ec project completed!  After recently making a tote bag for Heather, I knew I wanted one for myself for those Tuesday trips to the library with my girl, or a trip to Roots Market — this reusable grocery bag is the perfect size for children’s books, or for fresh fruit and veggies if you prefer to use your own shopping bag at the grocery store.  The outer fabric is a sturdy vintage cotton canvas I picked up at a thrift store a couple years ago.  The inner lining is some good ol’ linen — the project didn’t call for an inner lining, but I thought I would go ahead and add one to sturdy the bag and for visual appeal.  I’ve been incorporating linen into more of my work as of late because I love it so much.

I really do love the vintage/urban blend of the bag.  Although I do have a hang-up when it comes to handmade handles, I dunno, just never liked handmade cloth handles.  I think for a future tote bag project I may want to add leather handles instead — just my own preference.  I’m also really pleased with how the inside of the bag turned out — I love the X joints on the handles, and the seamless look of the linen against the vintage fabric.  My past Home Ec projects can be found here (pin cushioncloth napkins, drawstring gift pouch).

a few of our favorite books — ABC’s by Charlie Hopper, The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle, and two 100 year old versions of Little Women and Riley Child-Rhymes from my dear hub for our 3 year anniversary last year

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  1. how about coming up with a tiny little bag that holds just one or two diapers and few wipes and which a dude can stuff into his jacket pocket. then said dude can stop lugging around the diaper bag! 😉


    1. haha, yes, that’s a great idea…I’ve seen them before.


  2. Love the bag. About your handles- have you tried putting stabilizer (iron-on) or a thick canvas inside? That seems to sturdy mine a good bit. I also cannot stand droopy, fabric handles. My handles need to be tough and keep their shape. Love that bag. Once I find my sewing machine buried under boxes, I might make a few more!


    1. lindsay, i haven’t tried stabilizers or canvas. for another bag I made i used interfacing…but was disappointed in that as well. i’m hoping to get to the leather shop in the near future to get some patches of leather to sew onto the top portion of the handles to act as handle wraps…


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