these boots.

“These boots were made for walking,” or rather, they were made for gardening. Greg and I purchased goulashes for Dhara before she was born — it was one of those store credit purchases.  I originally wanted a red British pair, but we ended up with some paisley blue ones.

We put them on the Dhara-girl for the first time last week so she could help her mama out with some gardening.  She was a wee bit wobbly at first, falling after taking her first step, but after a little practice she was just fine.  We couldn’t have picked a better morning for planting my germinated seeds and seedlings from the farm.  Both mama and baby tromping around in the soil with their goulashes on! Dhara loves being outside; she especially loves sticking her fingers in the dirt — I think I can foresee a future for my little gardener.

we have alot of fun with her

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  1. johnny has galoshes too and he just loves them.

    super cute 🙂


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