strawberry season.

It’s strawberry season — so my little strawberry and I hopped in our car and rode out to a nearby farm to partake in some good old fashioned strawberry picking!  I just love when picking season roles around — blueberries, peaches, rhubarb, spinach, beets, kale, and the list goes on!  I must say, so many excellent fruits and vegetables for juicing — my newfound hobby!  And I love that my daughter can be a part of it all.  The whole process of picking together, tasting together, and finally cooking together is such a wonderful feeling — there’s not quite anything like it — this time of being together and enjoying the simple things in life.  Trust me, strawberries are very simple things.  : )

I’ve dreamed of living this life as a child — thinking ahead of all the wonderful things I’d like to do with my children — and now I feel in awe of it as my dreams unfold.  Especially when I see my daughter popping strawberry after strawberry into her mouth as she picks leaves.  After a pleasant afternoon of picking, we headed to the farm’s market store for some freshly picked kale, romaine lettuces and pumpkin seeds.  As some of you know, I’m on a juice fast, and the greens were too hard not to pass up.  You don’t see greens like this in the grocery store! They were amazing — so full and green and beautiful.  We also picked up some cans for canning.  Today I will be cooking up some spicy strawberry jam and strawberry muffins.  Maybe even some little shortcakes if I have berries left over.

my little strawberry picker 

halfway through our picking

the fields were chockfull of delicious red strawberries

these little guys were the sweetest strawberries — so good

too sweet that we often had a taste — and I mean often

sneaking more bites

strawberry stained faces

we came home with pounds of strawberries!

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  1. fun times susan. love dhara’s strawberry red dress. i was just checking yesterday when strawberries around here would be ready.


  2. How fun, Susan!!


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