a beach weekend.

We spent time at the beach this past weekend visiting with Greg’s family.  Had a lovely time outdoors on their new stone patio just chatting, enjoying mom’s beautiful garden, and watching Dhara do all her fun little antics.  I spent any free time knitting a shop order and cutting fabric for bibs.  I also couldn’t help but stop at the local yarn store and my favorite antique shop.  Scored some pretty wooden buttons, a lovely vintage leather travelers bag, and a 1961 quilt top (thanks mom!).

Dhara was a water baby all weekend — she loved it! She especially loves having Aunt Beth in the water with her.  Also had a nice father’s day dinner by the grill master himself, Greg’s dad — he loves to cook.  And what an amazing cook — he makes everything taste great.

nightly walk on the beach enjoying an outdoor band

also enjoyed a scoop of coconut (my favorite) gelato + a scoop of hazelnut

greg and mom, a father’s day brunch

happy father’s day to greg and dad!

blowing bubbles with aunt beth

someone’s ready to get back in the water

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  1. oh good, i can comment once again! and i have a lot to say. 😉 first, that sweet little girlie of yours needs to come visit me in MN! second, i would really, really like some hazelnut gelato. and third, please show us these lovely finds you speak of. and since i’m making requests, how about greg’s mom’s garden? g’night. 😉


    1. we do need to plan a trip to MN don’t we??? maybe sometime this fall perhaps? you guys should plan a trip to bethany beach, and then I can show you her garden! and a post on recent vintage finds would be a good one…


  2. Your baby girl is SO precious. I love the pic of her laughing in her car seat.


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