appacha + ahmana.

my parents wedding, india, 1980.

It’s Dhara’s Appacha + Ahmana’s [her grandparents] wedding anniversary tomorrow, and she wants to wish them a very, very happy anniversary!  They’ve spent 31 beautiful years together thus far.  Dhara says she’s grateful for the love and cheer that envelopes their home everyday.  She couldn’t imagine living anywhere else!  She loves you both dearly, along with the rest of us!!!

dhara at 8 months

dhara at 16 months

my parents after their ceremony. in order of appearance: chinamama, my pretty grandmother, my mom, my dad back from the States stylin’ in a linen 3 piece suit, my grandfather, and little 14 year old joji uncle — even though all these people look pretty stoic, they are all very happy inside, I promise.

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  1. 45 years? oh my gosh that’s such a long time. wait, are you sure it’s not 35? regardless, congrats from out here in MN


    1. OHHH…haha, I meant to change that to 31 years!!! 🙂


    2. my mom is laughing so hard right now… she says that being married for 45 years means she got married at 5 years old, and that I’m 43 years old right now. 🙂


      1. Wow Becky looks so much like your mom when she was younger, anyways, tell your parents I said congratulations!

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