To knit.  I’ve been sewing so much these days that I’ve been longing for those cool fall days of deciphering new patterns and knitting baby sweaters.  I’m hoping to expand my project list this fall and delve into projects with more than one color, and hopefully work in some socks and a few hats.  I’ve also been considering joining some sort of knitting guild — perhaps like the one below?  But thank goodness for my knitting buddy, Diana.  We share patterns, talk about our likes and dislikes, and share our hopes and dreams as knitters.  Yes, we probably sound like huge dorks, but really, it’s alot of fun.  : )

knitting guild

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  1. dork. make me socks.


    1. what kind would you like pooch?


      1. haha we do sound like dorks!! and now its out on the world wide web that i am a knitting geek
        . i dont know if i should be happy about that 😉

    2. diana, you really should embrace your knitting geekness — it’s a totally awesome skill to have! 🙂


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