a quaint picnic.

Last year around this time, I hosted a half birthday for my daughter.  The reason — to celebrate her 6 months of life, and because it was a great way to get some moms and daughters together for a summery girly party — hence the Summer Garden Party for Dhara.

This year I wanted to do something super simple, but nice, like a picnic.  So Greg and I decided we would invite a couple college friends and have just that — a quaint little picnic.  A picnic in celebration of 18 months, and to spend time with some old friends.  We [Greg, Susan, Sony, Sue] knew each other in college before anyone was in any sort of relationship.  It’s so neat to see where we are now…with families.  So we threw down a quilt under a cove of very large trees and had a lovely afternoon of catching up, and smiling at our baby girls.  Boy does time fly. Oh, and we devoured a blueberry buckle — anything with “buckle” in the name has gotta be good!

the spread

tall jars of freshly squeezed blueberry lemonade + izze sparkling juice

josh, sue, zoey, sini, sony, megan, greg, dhara

homemade blueberry buckle — oh my gosh, this was so good.

homemade kale chips

a platter of grapes, cheese + homemade multigrain peasant bread

strawberry cupcakes

zoey feeding dhara

aunty sini and dhara chatting

dhara and uncle sony

and the three little kittens who lost their mittens

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  1. I came across your blog and find myself enjoying it. I like your creativeness and wish you more picnics, jammining, kntting etc.!


    1. anna, thanks so much for stopping by!!! 🙂


  2. OOohh my gosh!!! I haven’t seen these people in FOREVER, Megan looks just like Sony! and Sue’s little Zoey is soooo cute. I hope I get to catch up with them one of these days. Great pictures


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