folklife festival.

Dhara, myself, and my mom went to the Folklife Festival this past weekend in DC — this year the main focus being the country of Columbia, the Peace Corp, and Rhythm + Blues.  The demonstrations were super interesting.  It’s always fascinating to learn about age old traditions of various cultures, and be inspired to begin our own traditions.

We stopped at DC’s farmer’s market, which was adjacent to the festival, for a loaf of tasty bread and some local honey.  [I SO wish we lived within walking distance to a farmer’s market!]  For lunch we had authentic Thai and West African food — yum.  We listened to amazing folk music.  Dhara loved running free and partaking in the neat children’s activities.  Although she did freak out when we put her on the old carousel located on the mall — I guess she’s still too small for it.  The only drawback to the day was the heat — they really should have the festival in the fall when it’s cool outside so people can be out all day.  All in all, can’t wait for next year’s festival!

my little folk girl

bread making is such an art — an art I want to perfect

tongan woman

spinning using a drop spindle

learned some neat homespun farming techniques

munching on some freshly baked bread

if only I had the right figure, you would find a version of this dress on me

teaching kids the age old art of basket weaving

she needed some time to herself

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