sam + praisy.

Sam is a long time family friend of ours and he’s also a fellow member of the Fantastic 8 — a group of 8 Indian kids who grew up together ever since they were wee ones.  (As is Sophy from my last post).  Sam always said he would get married after he turned 30, and sure enough he was right.  I first met Praisy at their engagement ceremony a couple months back, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by how down to earth, gregarious, and easy going she is.  A perfect fit! Can’t wait to see these two get hitched this Saturday!  There were so many great photos from this session that it made it hard choosing which ones to post!

many blessings as you both begin your journey together!

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  1. Great pics Susie! You are fantastic at what you do!


  2. I agree with Zumie?


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