2 years old.

I’m so glad I get to be her mom.  She’s fun, vibrant, soft, lovely, smiley, huggable, and oh so sweet — just to name a few.  My little girl turned two years old on Christmas Day.  These past two years have really flown by.  When Greg and I reflect on it, we just smile, because she really truly just brings a smile to our faces whenever we think of her.

The last time I officially photographed her, she was 18 months old.  Wow, has she changed in a short 6 months span.  It was so much easier to take her picture this time around.  She sat silently as I adjusted my camera.  She waited patiently and did what I asked her to do.  My, my, my — she really is becoming this mature little person whom I love and cherish.

And she talks SOOO much now.  She asks questions, and gives smart little answers.  Last week I asked her to hand me a doll that she was holding onto — it was one of those irritating kinda toys that you just want to hide.  And Dhara responded with a, “Can I please leave it in my hand?”  Another time, Greg got hurt, and she walked up to him, put her hand on his leg, closed her eyes, and prayed, “Bless Daddy who got the bonkey.”  [A “bonkey” being an ouchy].  Another time, we were at family prayer, and we asked her what song she would like to sing, and she responded with, “Old MacDonald.”

For Christmas this year, Greg’s mom presented Dhara with an ID bracelet that was given to baby Greg by his grandfather who was living in Saudi Arabia at the time.  Here is Dhara admiring the petite gold bracelet handed down to her from her great-grandfather Jack.

baby/toddler indie headscarves can be purchased via the Susie Mey shop.

smith christmas card.

Hope your Christmas is as merry as ever and that you truly remember the real reason for the season.  Here’s to a cozy weekend with family and friends, and celebrating the births of Jesus and my daughter — He was so kind enough to share the day with her!  I can’t believe it’s been another year — seems like a few months ago we took last year’s photo! Blessings to you and yours!

[christmas card from 2010]

20 weeks!

I’m more than halfway there!!!  Ahhhh!!!  Today my babies are the length of a banana, and look like this in the womb.

As some of you know already, I had my 20 week ultrasound this week.  My mom came along with me since Greg couldn’t get out of a special week long class for work.  It was here I found out that we are having two baby boys!  It came as somewhat as a shock to me because I was almost sure, or let’s say expecting that it would be a boy and girl.  After the tech revealed the first gender, a boy, I was hugely relieved that I would get my boy!  But then when she revealed that the second was also a boy, I was kinda dumbfounded — not at all because I didn’t want two boys, but that I wouldn’t get another sweet little girl.  But then again, I have no grid for boys since I don’t have any, so I’m sure I’ll be saying the same for boys after these little guys join our family!  On a side note, I was also thinking, “What in the world am I going to do with all of Dhara’s clothes!”  TWO BOYS!

After the initial shock of two boys, I went ahead and texted Greg at his class — because he wanted to be one of the first to know, granted!  : )  I texted him from my mom’s phone, “It’s Susan…both boys!”  Greg texted back with a, “Praise God! We are going to have lots of fun!”  All the men in our families were ecstatic!  All the women were like, “Wow, what are we going to do now?”  : )  In the end, God knows we need two little rambunctious boys to liven things up a bit, not that Dhara doesn’t already add to the fun!

The fact that both are boys is still sinking in; I recently came across a photog’s blog where she photographed twin boys (with their older sister), and boy did it make my heart melt!  See here.  TWO BOYS!  Bring it!

Here are our little guys — both were ever so active!  They were cooperative for the tech doing the ultrasound, but sooo active and completely healthy and right on track in their growth based on the ultrasound, thank the good Lord.  I was initially worried that I wasn’t feeling enough movement for having 2 babies inside me, but I’ve been feeling more and more as I get farther along, and it was amazing to see how much they moved during the ultrasound, yet how little I actually felt.

baby A – weighing in at 13 ounces

baby B – weighing in at 12 ounces

One of the first things I did when I found out Dhara was a girl, was go shopping for some girl things.  For these little guys, I wanted two of these High Seas onies for a photoshoot — the perfect blend of vintage/retro, but it seems they are all sold out for now, bummer.  One thing is for sure, boys clothes are not as interesting as girl’s clothes, but it will be my aim to fix that.

How do I feel?  I threw up for the first time yesterday.  I was brushing my teeth in the morning and when I was ready to rinse, the dry heaves began.  Not fun, but ever so grateful that this pregnancy has been simple thus far.  Although, I don’t feel like I’m eating enough for twins, and when I do eat, I love seafood, yogurt, fruit, and pizza.  And although I’ve never really enjoyed a tall glass of milk, I’ve been using Dhara’s milk (full fat with cream on top!) from a local farm for cereal and my husband’s homemade masala chai (amazing! especially alongside a slice of warm pumpkin pie in the evening before bed.).

So 4 more months to go!  It could be a little less depending on when these guys want to come!  Twins are known for coming before full term, and I secretly hope they do!