cloth diapering twins.

Call me crazy, but I’m determined to do it!  I honestly hate buying disposable diapers.  It irks me to the core.  However, we do on occasion buy disposables for outings and nighttime use, but Dhara mostly lives in her clothies — which I love. But the thought of cloth diapering 2 babies is daunting — good thing there are parents of multiples who do it!  Like here, and here.  Oh, and here.


So what does my newborn stash look like?  Simple, all prefolds and covers!  I feel like they grow so quick in the initial stages that it’s more affordable to just go with prefolds.  Thank goodness Greg has been so open to cloth from the beginning (with Dhara)!  Now I just need to get my mom and sister on board — they will also be changing diapers since there are more bums to go around.  Good thing cloth is super cute — I’m excited to see these two little guys’ bums wrapped in cloth.

Our Newborn Stash:

36 newborn Indian prefolds from GMD / $24 dozen (purchased for Dhara)

10-12 workhorse fitted newborn diapers from GMD / $4.95 each

4 snappi fasteners / $3.95 each (purchased for Dhara)

2 Thirsties x-small covers / $11.50 each

3 Weehuggers size 1 covers / $16 each (on sale)

2 Imse Vimse Organic Fox Fibre newborn covers / $15 each (on sale)

disposable liners

Baby Bum Drops wipes solution / $12 (makes 50 cups)

cloth wipes / $9.95 dozen (purchased for Dhara)

2 handmade wet bags

diaper sprayer / $44.95 (if Greg doesn’t decide to make it himself)

It might look like alot, but some of these items were purchased for Dhara when she was a baby, and newer items can be used for future babies.  So there you go, cloth diapering 2 babies for the first couple months and more — I’ll let you know if this really works!  : )  Oh, and if any of you cloth diapering moms have any advice or recommendations, please feel free to chime in!

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  1. neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! lol. sike sike.


  2. it will seriously save you SO. MUCH. MONEY.

    also, we love our disposable liners, but found they didn’t do much, if at all, with baby poo until they get more solid from solids. its so runny, particularly, from BM, that the liner doesn’t really hold anything.

    oh and we found our sprayer for half the BG one on ebay 🙂 if greg doesn’t feel like making it! and my husband has repeatedly told me we wouldn’t be doing cloth diapers without one :-p

    and i just found out about the workhorse/prefitteds – they seem brilliant! can’t wait to hear how they work!


  3. You will love GMD prefolds with the thirsties cover if you didn’t use them with Dhara, so absorbent, no leaks( even with explosive poop incidents). You can also make your own wipes solution by mixing water with dr.bronners baby mild castile soap( so very good as a body wash and shampoo for the babe) and tea tree oil (another essential oil for fragrance if you like), the tea tree oil works wonderfully.

    Hope you are doing well.


    1. hi bency! I use fitteds with the thirsties covers on dhara…and it works really well too…no leaks! but I’m excited to use the GMD prefolds on the babies — I prepped them all when I had dhara, but never used them! and making wipes solution has been on my to do list, but thought I would have another kind on hand as well. how has your cloth diapering going??? your little one must be a few months old now?


      1. Cloth Diapering has been going great. I love it! My wee man’s name is Zachary.. he just turned 3 months on Saturday.. they grow up too fast! You will love the prefolds. It was so nice on his tush, I used disposables for the first week to avoid meconium stains and the poor guy developed a horrible rash. The prefolds cleared that up in NO time! I have been using the bum genius 4.0’s and I love it. I have a huge stash of the fuzzibunz one size and cant seem to like it.. Anyway.. I am excited about your lil boys. How fun!

        I have to email you some of Zachary’s pictures with him on the quilt you made!

  4. somewhere around here i have a box of indian or is it chinese prefolds?? whatever was recommended back when. not the gerber ones!!! and some fitteds. lemme know if you want them.


    1. hey poochy, let me know if you find them…I could surely take them off your hands — although I have heard that old prefolds make awesome rags once your done with them…but yours don’t count as old, so hand them over. 🙂


  5. tiffanie johnson January 26, 2012 at 12:37 am

    this is the best sale i’ve found on pocket diapers – even used ones on ebay cost more. i got 18 so far. i may get a few more.


    1. tiffanie, that is a great deal! wow, thanks!


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