handmade wet bags.

As I get farther along in my pregnancy I’m really feeling the urgency to make things.  For starters, I need a travel wet bag for when we cloth diaper outside of the home.   A wet bag is a convenient on-the-go-solution for storing soiled diapers and wet/dirty clothes because it’s lined with PUL (a baby safe vinyl) on the inside which keeps in moisture and stink, and also makes it safe to put right into your diaper bag.

So I dug into my secret stash of Kokka fabrics that I had purchased a year ago (I’d been saving this special stash for our next baby, or babies!), and chose prints for a couple wet bags.  I’m not the biggest fan of “baby prints” — I’m actually not a fan at all, but Kokka makes the most beautiful vintage prints that come off looking nostalgic of days gone by.  Like this one, titled Far, Far Away Snow White Meadow, or even this titled, Sunday Dress — so darn cute, I just love it!  The Japanese sure do have a handle on textiles and style.

Kokka fabrics are almost always a cotton/linen blend which give the fabric a more mature, modern and stylish look.  The linen fabrics I ended up choosing caught my eye with their vintage appeal — they reminded me of vintage flour sacks for some reason.  I ended up making two wet bags — the first being 12″x18″, and the second being 14″x18″.  Each bag can hold around 8-10 diapers.  I just might have to whip up a batch of these in block printed Indian fabrics for the Susie Mey shop!

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  1. tiffanie johnson February 14, 2012 at 5:01 pm

    where do they sell PUL?


    1. tiffanie, I get mine from Joann’s — it usually runs for about $10-$12/yard, but if you use a coupon, you can get it for cheaper!


  2. tiffanie johnson February 14, 2012 at 6:26 pm

    i thought it was kind of pricey. but they do have pretty good coupons 🙂 thanks!


  3. Susan,

    This is Meenal here ( Kartik’s wife). First and foremost, congrats on your twins.. Its really an exciting time!! I too gave birth to my baby boy three weeks ago..Its been fun and challenging handling two at the same time.. I also needed some advice in this regard. Please can you recommend a good baby carrier/ wrap that I can use at least for the initial time? I want to be able to hold the baby and care for my daughter at the same time. Please suggest something that I could get ASAP. Thanks a lot and all the best!!!



    1. HI Meenal! So good to hear from you! And congrats to you and Kartik on your baby boy! For the initial infant period, I invested in a:
      Lulu Wrap —

      The Lulu is similar to the Moby Wrap and the Baby K’Tan Wrap. Whichever you like or find on a deal is the best one to get. Here’s a video on how these types of slings look and how to wear them:

      If you want a baby carrier, the Ergo is so awesome — we love it. Really easy to use! Although you will have to buy an infant insert to fit your baby during the infant stage. Here’s how the infant insert works with the Ergo:

      Let me know what you end up choosing and if you like it!


  4. They look so good Susan!


    1. thanks bency!!!


  5. Thanks a lot Susan. I think I want to go with the ergo. It seems to be the carrier I need in the long term sense. Thanks for your advice and all the best for your pregnancy


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