rohan hudson + kieran tozer.

Our twin boys are finally here!  Meet Rohan Hudson + Kieran Tozer.  (First names pronounced “row-haan” and “keer-in.”)  And 4 weeks early too!  Rohan and Kieran, fraternal twins, were born at 36 weeks gestation via cesarean section on Saturday, March 24th, 2012 because my water broke at 3 AM that morning.

Rohan, the elder of the two [by a minute], was born at 9:32 AM at 5 pounds/6 ounces and 19.25 inches long.  Kieran, was born at 9:33 AM at 5 pounds/13.4 ounces and 18.5 inches long.  Greg and I are truly in awe of these little people. It’s the sweetest thing to see our two boys laying together in their cot, forehead to forehead like best buds.

Like Dhara’s name, it was important to us that we choose meaningful names that represent our heritage.  The boys’ first names are Indian.  And if you are wondering about their middle names, Greg was keen on naming them after mighty men of God who lived their lives for the glory and honor of God.  Men who made an impact for the Kingdom.  Men who the boys can look to as a godly example and inspiration as they grow into men.  When Greg told me of his idea for middle names I immediately fell in love with it, hence the names Hudson and Tozer!

Rohan:  in Sanskrit, it means the one who takes the higher path; ascending; it also means healing, medicine / Hudson: after Hudson Taylor; radical missionary to China, man of faith, purpose, and resolve — a man who changed a nation.

Kieran:  in Sanskrit, it means ray of light / Tozer: after A. W. Tozer; Christian writer, a man of clarity and understanding, a man who knew God, encouraged others and helped others passionately pursue God.

our little smith dudes

Health-wise, we are so thankful that the boys have normal levels of jaundice, unlike what we went through with the Dhara-girl.  And my incision from the c-section is healing nicely.  Exciting news — we also may be going home today! [We joke that the babies aren’t really ours until we have permission from the hospital to take them home — until then, the babies belong to the hospital.] Overall, we are so grateful for all the prayers and love we received these past 9 months, and are so excited to now be a family of five!

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  1. What a blessing! Never say NO to all the offers of help. Find a job for each volunteer to do! LOL


  2. LOVE this post!! You need to tag all the people who circle your twins in the first picture. I only recognize the Greg with his hospital tagged wrist.


  3. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now Zumie can finally take her post!


  4. So beautiful!! Congratulations!!


  5. Congratulations Susan. They are beyond precious, such beautiful babies! God bless your sweet family!


  6. Congratulations Susan! The twins are beyond precious. God Bless your sweet family.


  7. treasures, indeed!!! darling little fellows!!


  8. Congratulations to you both!! God bless ur family


  9. Awwwwww. Praise God! What handsome little boys! Many, many congratulations to Susan, Greg and their proud families. Truly we are fearfully and wonderfully made. We can’t wait to see them.
    Saji and Leena


  10. Aww!! Congratulations! So precious and adorable, two gifts from God.

    I love how one looks a little more like you, and the other looks a little more like your Husband.



  11. […] Thirdly, I mean, how cute are these little bambinos??!! And I love their names and the process Susan and Greg go through to pick their children’s names. You can read about it on Susan’s blog, here. […]


  12. Congratulations Susie! The twins are adorable. And lovely names too! Bless.


  13. So happy for you!!!!!!! Forgive me, gotta put more exclamation points to express the overflow of happy: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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