smith twins: 1 month old.

rohan [left] / kieran [right]

rohan [left] / kieran [right] by CHP

The boys are already a month old!  It’s the weirdest thing to look at the two of them and know they are mine — these two sweet sweet baby boys.  I know the common term among little boys is that most are “mama’s boys,” but I never really liked that term — maybe it’s because I usually like to go against the grain of tradition.  Dhara is my mama’s girl — she’s my buddy, my little partner in crime.  However, Greg tells me that in time these boys will occupy a part of my heart that not even my little girl can.  I’m excited to see what that feels like.  We shall wait and see.  : )

Rohan is my baby with the stormy blue-grey eyes.  He’s the elder and the smaller of the two.  He smiles all the time in his sleep — his smiles revealing two huge dimples which I love.  He makes the funniest old man noises when you move him around in your arms — I joke that it’s because he hates being manhandled.  The past few weeks have been hard on him because he seems to be having a bad bout of gas which often wakes him up from his slumber.  If he’s not troubled by gas, he seems to be a very content baby who loves watching his surroundings with great big curious eyes.

Kieran is my sturdy boy.  He’s strong and contemplative and loud.  His sturdiness reminds me of Dhara when she was born — she was also a strong little baby.  Most people who see Kieran say he looks like me.  He loves when you talk to him.  He’s beginning to smile more and more, and like Dhara, he’s got one dimple on the left cheek.  He loves to sleep and can sleep for a few hours at a time during the day.

kieran [left] / rohan [right] by CHP

I’m not going to lie — caring for two babies (and a toddler) day in and day out is not easy.  I never thought it would be easy, but I never thought it would be this hard!  The looong nights of feedings, the endless diaper changes, constant bouts of gas, and two babies crying at the same time.  Whew!  Sometimes I just want to give up.  But the thing is, I can’t give up — this is a train that’s going whether I like the grueling pace or not — no stops, no breaks.  I know this newborn stage is rough, especially since they were born 4 weeks prematurely.  Even though it’s rough, I know it’s also fleeting and will be done before I know it.  A part of me is looking forward to a couple months from now when they are more engaging and sleep longer through the night!  All in all, we are totally in love with them and feel so blessed to be given two little boys even though it may be hard at times.  They are a gift and we are grateful.

rohan [left] / kieran [right] by CHP

A huge thank you to Chelsea Hudson Photography for the amazing photos of the boys!  If you remember our love story from a month ago, we won a photo shoot and we chose to use it on the boys!  Love her stuff!!!  Check out her blog for more of her lovely work.

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  1. Lovely pics….praying for you!


  2. darling babies. love this post. hang in there, dearie!!


  3. Hi Susie … Kieran looks like (to me at least) josh or joji … or like a combination of the two … I cannot say which feature … but something!


  4. Previous comment is by Rohini by the way … Happy fingers went to the enter button too soon. Actually Kieran looks like Ammini aunty … Well … he has more Thomas family genes 🙂


  5. Hi Susan
    Congratulations on the twins. I couldn’t help notice that you mentioned that the babies (and you) are struggling with their gas and fussiness. Having just struggled with it for over 6 months myself I just wanted to let you know that it is most likely an immature gut in combination with protein sensitivity. If haven’t done so already you should limit dairy in your diet if you are breast feeding. And if it continues or worsens you should look into a hydrolyzed protein formula or elemental one. Milk sensitivity is becoming more common and often just mistaken as simple colic. Not that there is anything simple about colic if you have experienced it.
    Didn’t want you to struggle with it for months before you figured it out. Wish someone told me earlier.

    Good luck


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