smith twins: 5 months old.

I’m still a whole month behind on these little guys’ monthly photo shoots.  They just turned 6 months old — but these 5 month photos have got to be posted!  My lovies are getting to be big boys!  I can’t believe I have two sons!  Two rolly polly bundles of goodness who are completely different in every way possible.  At times they don’t even feel like twins because they are so different.  Rather, it’s like we’re caring for two babies who could have been born to us consecutively instead of at the same time.  This month it was all about the boys recognizing familiar people, smiling a whole lot, laughing out loud, grabbing things, and lots of baby talk.  Oh, and their hair has finally started to come in, so say goodbye to my baldy boys.

Rohan is definitely the bigger one of the two, but both boys are above average and have the chunky thighs to prove it!  This month they both began rolling.  Rohan was the first to roll due to his heavier weight.  He easily can roll from his back to his tummy, but not the other way around.  When he gets tired of being on his tummy, he sets his forehead down on his arm and cries like there’s no tomorrow — it’s hilarious to see, but of course we quickly scoop him up for a hug and lots of kisses! Rohan is not at all afraid of strangers — he’ll give anyone that huge handsome grin.

Kieran is our mover, shaker and thinker.  While he couldn’t roll as fast as Rohan initially, he can roll from his back to his tummy, and can roll back to his back, and quick too!  He can also scoot from one place to the other.  Kieran is very loving.  I love the way he tenderly holds my face and gives me wet slobbery kisses. Kieran is more apprehensive when it comes to new people — he will stare you down like no other.  But not to worry, he has beautiful, twinkly, almond shaped eyes that make you forget why he’s staring you down.

instagram book.

My mother-in-law celebrated a birthday this past week, and in honor of her birthday I created my first ever online photo book for her because she’s the queen of photo books! She’s made so many over the years and always does a beautiful job telling stories through her books, so we thought this would be an appropriate gift for her.  : )

As I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE Instagram.  And my love for it grew tenfold when I learned of Blurb’s Instagram photo books!  You are basically able to upload all your Instagram photos from your phone to a photo book with the simple click of a button — I thought it was a totally fabulous idea, because I honestly don’t have hours and hours to spend on creating a book layout.  And I love Blurb for how professional and mainstream their books look, so I had to give it a go.

I saw this person’s Instagram book on Pintrest, and how they added handwritten captions to each photo — I love this idea because it really personalizes the book creating it into a journal of sorts.  My hope is that at the end of each year I can create a photo book that captures our entire year through the eyes of my phone + Instagram.  It would definitely be a real representation of everyday life — because I don’t have the time to run for a camera everytime something beautiful happens — and quite honestly, that’s often!

“kookaburra tree. summer 2012.” I decided to title this book + all future books after the silly folk songs we sing to our kids