instagram book.

My mother-in-law celebrated a birthday this past week, and in honor of her birthday I created my first ever online photo book for her because she’s the queen of photo books! She’s made so many over the years and always does a beautiful job telling stories through her books, so we thought this would be an appropriate gift for her.  : )

As I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE Instagram.  And my love for it grew tenfold when I learned of Blurb’s Instagram photo books!  You are basically able to upload all your Instagram photos from your phone to a photo book with the simple click of a button — I thought it was a totally fabulous idea, because I honestly don’t have hours and hours to spend on creating a book layout.  And I love Blurb for how professional and mainstream their books look, so I had to give it a go.

I saw this person’s Instagram book on Pintrest, and how they added handwritten captions to each photo — I love this idea because it really personalizes the book creating it into a journal of sorts.  My hope is that at the end of each year I can create a photo book that captures our entire year through the eyes of my phone + Instagram.  It would definitely be a real representation of everyday life — because I don’t have the time to run for a camera everytime something beautiful happens — and quite honestly, that’s often!

“kookaburra tree. summer 2012.” I decided to title this book + all future books after the silly folk songs we sing to our kids  

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  1. I want a book!


    1. i know! aren’t they fun?!!!


  2. its a lovely gift idea, and may i add your children are beautiful 🙂


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