5 years!

As November rolled around, a part of me swore we were only married 4 years.  But then I would repeatedly count the years on my fingers and come up with the number five.  No way.  Although my mind can’t wrap itself around the idea, based on repeated counts, we have surely been married 5 years.  Wow.  Four didn’t seem so old, but five is definitely old.  : )

Five years, three kids later, I look at the man I married and I am so happy I waited, persevered, and saw the miracle that is Greg and I.  It’s what brings a smile to my heart when I see our children, or when we have to face something difficult, or better yet, when I gaze over a crowded room and see his face.  I’m glad it’s him.

I’m thankful to Jesus for His goodness in our lives these past five years.  “Lord, You alone are my portion and my cup; You make my lot secure.  The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.”  Psalm 16:5-8

For our five year anniversary we stayed a night in Lancaster, PA.  We started off the evening at a lovely restaurant, stayed the night downtown in a quaint room overlooking the city (thanks to Greg’s parents!), and spent the following day antiquing in the antique’s capital of the United States and hitting Central Market for a Mennonite cookbook!  (Greg knows me all too well.)  We walked away with some lovely loot to refinish and restore. Here’s to good times ahead with my love.











to market, to market.

Back in the spring I won a $100 random drawing at Eastern Market.  Yes, oh joy!!! I’ve been holding onto it with the hope that Greg, myself and the baby could get out and spend a quiet Sunday afternoon somewhere special — just us time.  It’s hard to find this sorta time with the lifestyle we’re currently living.  So when it finally happens, I love “just us time”.

And, Eastern Market is one of those special places.

We chose this past Sunday to pay our visit to the Market.  Dhara loved every second of it — the plethora of people walking this way and that, tons of unique artisan stalls selling goods like antiques, great clothing, artwork, handmade jewelry and soaps.  Not to mention the food — local fruit and veggies, meats, cheeses, desserts, and fresh cut flowers.

Oh, how grand it would be to live close to this Market.  I recently read it being #7 on a list of most popular markets in the WORLD, according to the  Very cool that it’s on the same list as some legendary European and Asian markets.

After strolling the market and making my purchases, we had lunch at an authentic Salvadoran place — pupusas, plantains, rice + beans.  Yum.

a view of eastern market from our parking spot on an overcast, but pleasant day

my favorite booth at the market — red persimmon — they sell Indian wares such as quilts, thin cotton robes, peasant nightgowns, cloth market bags and kurtas

dhara admiring polish pottery

inside the newly renovated main building after a devastating fire last year

fresh local fruit

after lunch we stopped at the local coffee shop

dhara saying goodbye to eastern market

I debated using my $100 win on some turkish bath towels, but ended up using it on some much needed, charming polish pottery to add to my expanding collection

However, I wasn’t the only one who scored something neat that day.  It just so happens that Dhara received the neatest little gift from Gifty Aunty in Rochester, MN.

so beautifully wrapped

a swedish bowl + spoon set made from farmed bamboo! created for form, function + the environment and designed by Moritz

dhara was super eager to test it out. thanks gifty aunty!

vintage finds.

My dear cousin, OB, convinced me to go yard sailing and antique shopping with her during a break at the retreat this past weekend.  And I’m so glad I did, because New Freedom, PA really has some lovely ones.  We went to a handful of good ones, and only one not so good one.  OB walked away with a fantastic antique rocking chair and a 100 year old quilt.  Below are some photos of things I saw and loved!

a pillow cover.  I so need to learn this technique!  I would love it on a quilt!

a shelf displaying some lovely mixing bowls.

a pretty cookbook and a braided mat.

we saw the most delicate vintage teacups and bowls.  loved them!

some vintage flour feed sacks. one can never have too many of these.

I so wanted this huge braided rug. don’t think I’ve ever seen one this big!

a wall of beautiful historical kitchen artifacts.

I absolutely love this low chair [high chair]!!!  the woven cloth seat is too cute.  greg’s uncles in texas are fantastic carpenters and woodworkers.  I need to ask his uncle cliff to craft one of these for little Dhara!  : )

looks like a sweet read for mama + daughter while laying under a weeping willow.

celtic plate.

some sweet girl’s clothes in soft white cotton.

I, on the other hand, walked away with a bag full of pieced vintage quilt squares.  Yup, you got that right — quilt squares that are ready to be made into a quilt.  I’m guessing they are at least 50 years old if not older.  Can’t wait to begin this project, which will probably end up being a new quilt for Dhara.

And because of her love for vintage cookbooks, OB treated me to a really fun old school 1932 cookbook.  I just love the way they wrote back then!  So informal and pleasant to read.  Can’t wait to try some of these recipes out.

“the goodly cucumber”

I love the space available for writing in your own recipes and notes.

who knew?!?

and lastly, a sweet little recipe for dahl soup.  I need to sew myself a small muslin bag for the celery seeds.