mama day 2011.

Sometimes I look at my daughter and I can’t believe that she’s mine, or even that I’m her mother.  Why would God trust me enough to entrust this special little person to me?  How is it that this is my second Mother’s Day?

I say all of this with a heart full of gratitude, I feel so blessed.  I’ve always wanted to be a mom, but I never knew it would feel like this — this intense love, care, concern, worry, wonder, joy and again, love, love, love.  While there are so many more feelings that swirl through my mind + heart, love precedes them all.  So amazing how as a mother you can somewhat fathom the Father’s love for us.  He’s given it to mother’s especially — the ability to love so unconditionally, so wholly, and so fully, so much so that we give up our lives for this love, so much that it hurts.

Being a mom has really challenged me to live life and live it with no regrets.  I’ve made many mistakes in my 29 years and I have a long list of regrets, but I don’t want them passed onto my daughter.  I want her to have the example of a mom who lived a real life — being honest about my mistakes, outspoken about my faith because it is our life, and preparing her in the lovely ways of being a virtuous girl, woman, wife, and mother.

“Suddenly, through birthing a daughter, a woman finds herself face to face not only with an infant, a little girl, a woman-to-be, but also with her own unresolved conflicts from the past and her hopes and dreams for the future…  As though experiencing an earthquake, mothers of daughters may find their lives shifted, their deep feelings unearthed…” Elizabeth Debold and Idelisse Malave

I love reading the mama blog, Resolved2Worship.  She is so honest about her faith, her mistakes, her children, her joys, and her Jesus.  It’s so refreshing to see people who really truly live out what it means to be a follower of Christ.  What she writes here nicely sums up my heart:

“A daughter’s need for her mother is biologic, and it continues on her whole life. Not only was my mother’s body the source of life for me but it was her face that I looked to, to see how I was doing.  By seeing my mother’s eyes and experiencing her response to me, I learned crucial first lessons about my own worth.
 I’ve no doubt my daughters look into my eyes searching as well — watching my response, determining their worth.

The art of mothering these girls is to teach the art of living to them.  Even more importantly, it’s to teach them where real life comes from: Life in Jesus Christ.  I am still learning.  I am still growing.  With all my heart I want them to know we’re on this journey together – to become more and more like Christ.  To humble ourselves and recognize our great need for a Savior.  And to rejoice in His unconditional love, His undying acceptance, His great sacrifice so that we might know eternal life and live our lives as daughters of the King.

Along with encouraging femininity in my daughters and enjoying all things lovely and beautiful, more than that, I talk with them about what true beauty is: INWARD, THE HEART.”

“May motherhood never be merely defined by our chores, or duties, our responsibilities, our discipline, our fears, our failures, our schooling choices, our rules, our regulations, our busy-moving about, or in something so crazy as the amount of children our body might happen to produce, or not produce.

Let it be defined by the passion we pour into discovering who our children are.  Let it be defined by the willingness we have to be where they are, do what they are doing, love what they are loving.  Let it be defined by the knowing and comprehending of the undeserved blessing we have in just being by their side.” [source] [2010].

this + that.

Shop Update.

I’m in the process of sewing pieces for the shop; however, I ran into a snag — I’m all out of Susie Mey clothing labels.  Ahhh!  I’m hoping my shipment arrives soon! Stay tuned for some quaint little baby things.

Sheep + Wool Festival.

It’s tomorrow, yaay!  I’ve literally waited 2 years to attend this!  Soooo looking forward to meeting and seeing shepherds in action, hand-spun yarn, spinning classes, folk + bluegrass music, the sheep to shawl contest, etc. Maybe I’ll even get to shear a sheep, who knows!?!  : )  My festival experience and photos to come!

The Little One.

She’s been feeling under the weather these last 2 weeks.  Last week was a fever and really painful ear infection — poor girl almost had to go to the emergency room because of the pain.  This week it’s been a bad cold, congestion and coughing. One thing that does makes her feel better is watching Dave and the Giant Pickle. As parents, Greg and I are at a crossroads regarding having a TV in the home.  We are not much TV watchers, so we don’t feel like we’re missing anything.  But when it comes to our kids, we’re not sure how much TV we want our kids seeing.  I don’t know how practical it would be to not have a TV — it’s possible, but practical? While most things on TV are not child appropriate, there are educational shows/videos out there which are age appropriate.

We’ve been particular about Dhara watching purposeful TV if she does watch TV– thus far, the only thing she’s seen is Dave and the Giant Pickle — which to us has biblical significance [David + Goliath].  She’s watched it over and over.  While it does give me a break to get things done around the house, I want to be disciplined about how much TV I let her watch.  These are just some thoughts I’ve recently been mulling over since she’s at an age that she can watch television.  Any thoughts would be appreciated from parents “who’ve been there, done that”. Sorry for the low quality photos, these are from my cell phone.

dhara + her vintage patchwork quilt cozy up to watch a video


“”Babywearing” simply means holding or carrying a baby or young child using a cloth baby carrier.  Holding babies is natural and universal; baby carriers make it easier and more comfortable, allowing parents and caregivers to hold or carry their children while attending to the daily tasks of living.”

Even before I had Dhara I knew I wanted to carry her around in some sort of sling. It just seemed right and the natural thing to do to have my baby close to me. During Dhara’s first 10 months we carried her around alot in various baby wearing slings/carriers.  We received the Maya WrapErgo Baby, and Baby Bjorn as gifts, and because I loved the simplicity of the sling, I purchased the Puj Go Sling for quick local trips.  Here are some of my thoughts on these various slings/carriers:

1.  Maya Wrap — Made with beautiful hand-loomed cotton fabric; however, the sling is not intuitive to wear initially, so you better let your handy husband help you put it on correctly!  Once it’s on and baby is inside, I love how it makes me feel like a mama kangaroo with my baby attached to me.  Again, this just feels right.  The Maya Wrap is especially nice for the first couple months when baby wants to be near mama.  We used this sling to put Dhara to sleep during those first couple months. I really loved how this sling made her look like an adorable bundle of cuteness enclosed in her little cove all cozy and sweet.  This sling holds up to 35 pounds.

2.  Ergo Baby — A wonderful carrier that gives ample support to the lower back and shoulders — the two places that normally take the hit when babywearing. More than any of the carrier/slings I’ve tried, the Ergo may be bulkier than normal carriers, but it’s so good on the body.  This carrier can be used with baby on your back.  Even at 16 months old, this is the only carrier we use now that she’s older/heavier.  It carries up to 40 pounds.
3.  Baby Bjorn — We used this carrier when we went for neighborhood walks or when we worked on the garden.  It’s nice because baby can face outwards.  Ergo Baby warns against babies facing outwards — I understand their rational, but Dhara really seemed to love facing out when she was in the Bjorn.  This carrier does put a strain on the shoulders and back after some time.  The Bjorn carries up to 25 pounds.

4.  Puj Go Sling — A delightful little sling for those quick market or library runs. Great for quick trips because it’s super easy to stuff into your diaper bag.  After receiving it in the mail, I loved the modern fabrics used for the sling, but I realized I could make this sling on my own — it’s super simple if you have the exact measurements!  Overall, I prefer the Maya Wrap over this sling because I felt like the Puj put unneeded pressure on my shoulder as she began weighing more.  This sling carries up to 30 pounds.

national zoo.

My mom was on spring break all of last week.  Her highlight of the week was taking Dhara to the zoo for the first time — it’s all my mom talked about!  Dhara and her Ammachi (“Ammana”) love to have fun together — they sing, read, go outside together, take naps together, and have snacks together.  Ammachi is one of Dhara’s most favorite people.

So with the weather warming up, my mom was so excited to take her granddaughter out on an educational + fun excursion.  Along with my little cousins, Hannah + Jeremy, we packed our day bags and headed off to Washington, D.C. for a day at the zoo.  For any of you thinking about driving to the National Zoo, don’t.  Take the metro!  There’s parking at the zoo, but it fills up really, really quick.

I must say taking a 1 year old to the zoo is such an interesting experience.  It was so neat to watch her see in person all the various animals we’ve read to her over and over and over again.  She knows them so well and the sounds they make, so to actually see them in real life was super fascinating to her.

dhara and her ammachi (“ammana”)

dhara very close to an ape

hannah (“hanne chechi”), dhara, jeremy (“jema”)

watching lions


wonderfully cool freshly squeezed lemonade + funnel cake


loves exploring on her own

dhara days.

It’s been rainy these past two days.  Nothing compared to the glorious Monday that the Dhara-girl and I spent out and about town this week.  We had a doctor’s appointment where my girly got 2 shots.  I have to say, she’s a real trooper at the doctor’s office.  Every time she goes, she’s so trusting and so friendly with the doc and his wife — a pleasant pair.  Most kids we see at the office are screaming their heads off while Dhara silently watches them wondering, “what’s the big deal?”

She walks into the private patient room chatting, waving, and smiling at each person she sees.  That is until her trust is betrayed with a needle jabbed into each thigh.  I feel so bad for how trusting she is — only to be hurt in the end.  But then again, it’s so refreshing to see how she faithfully trusts.  Reminds me of how all-trusting I should be in the lover of my heart, Jesus, the only person who could never hurt me.

After her shots, we headed over to Nest, where I spoke to a woman about selling my handmade Indian block printed bibs at the shop.  Love that shop!  Next we headed over to our local Roots Market for some seeds.  I’m motivated to go to the next level with our garden this year — more about this in a later post.  At Roots, we picked up some baby snacks, some much needed burt’s bees lip balm, and some heirloom seeds consisting of red bell pepper, yellow squash, egg plant, and purple beans.  We drove home with the music on, all the windows down and the breeze whizzing our hair around.  Dhara loved it — she was all smiles in the back seat.  I love that girl and her chuckle.  I love this age she’s in — I think it’s my favorite.  I told Greg that I loved her as a baby, but now I doubly love her personality which melts my heart constantly throughout the day.  She’s a sweetheart, my girl.

munching on mozzarella cheese + apples

handmade gifts.

I love handmade — especially for baby.  It’s unique and different.  I’m currently in a season of handmade gifts.  With so many little ones born, and many more on the way, I’ve been a very busy busy bee.  I’ve been working mostly on bibs and swaddling blankets — my specialty at this point.  : )  I love baby things, especially baby things that have a homespun organic feel, but with a modern edge.

(As you peruse, you may notice the official Susie Mey textile tag.  Well, there’s much more to be said about that.  Soon.  Very soon.)

Interested in purchasing a bib or swaddling blanket?  These make the perfect gifts for the new mama, and look pretty darn cute on baby.  Support the handmade revolution!  Email me at

blankets are sized at 40″ x 40″ — perfect for swaddling your little burrito baby, or using as a toddler blanket, or even a nursing cover for mama. blankets are cotton flannel and backed with a tea dyed cotton muslin.

bibs are backed with the option of beautiful organic waffle cotton, or modern organic linen. bibs also have an absorbent inner all natural cotton batting which protects baby’s clothes.

bibs can be purchased in sets or individually


hair by zuma aunty

Dhara’s hair is getting longer.  Her bangs literally cover her eyes now.  Thank goodness she lets me put a barrette in so she can see!  My hope is that I won’t have to cut her hair — at least for a long while.  I was always the little girl with the short bob; so I am determined that my little girl have long hair for me to heidi braid and tie up in cute buns.  Let’s see how this pans out!

green girl.

dhara waiting for her great grandparents to come for their weekly visit to play with their great granddaughter. my, does she love them…

She’s my little green girl.  Her middle name means, “meadow by the river.”  I just love that.  She says hello [“hi-lo”] to small birds and hugs big dogs.  We sit around in our beloved nightgowns all day long and laugh and play.  But of course when there is work to be done, my little green girl follows me around in her hurried little step watching ever so curiously what I do and going determinedly where I go.

baby sophisticate.

This was a charming sweater to knit.  I love shawl collared sweaters like this.  I have a few like it from my college JCREW days.  I knit this sweater for a friend of mine who is going to have a baby.  I just love seeing babies in cozy sweaters — makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  For this project I used the Baby Sophisticate pattern by Linden Heflin in size 0-3 months found via Ravelry.  (By the way, I like the name Linden — reminds me of the herb, linden flower).  I knit the sweater in the round using Lion Brand Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton in mustard.  I think I can confidently say that mustard is my most favorite color.  There needs to be more mustard colored yarn out there!  The yarn is nice, but it’s not my favorite.  It fuzzes up easily which I don’t like, but it’s very soft, which is nice for newborns especially.

This sweater was my first project involving knitting in the round using double pointed needles (DPNs) for the sleeves.  I thought it would be really hard to use DPNs, but it wasn’t!  I used this video by Very Pink Knits to help me along the way. Her tutorial is for a sock project, but she demonstrates how to use DPNs.  I’ll probably use her video for knitting socks as well since she’s so easy to follow.  The one thing I didn’t like about knitting this sweater was my tension — I felt that the actual shawl collar could have been wider and more prominent.  I used three leather-like buttons to add a bit more sophistication — love them so much!!!  I’m thinking about also adding some suede elbow patches?  Hmmm…maybe next time. I’ll probably knit another one when my next babers rolls around.