summer album.

We spent last weekend at the beach.  It was a much needed time after a myriad of things going on the past few weeks.  We had a lovely dinner with some old family friends at an awesome seafood restaurant (and celebrated their son’s 4th birthday), went to the beach and jumped in the water, took some much needed naps, went to the local quilt shop, and partook in some of Greg’s dad’s awesome homemade food (chicken, steak, and shrimp in one night! good stuff.).  Here’s a series of photos — all pretty much of Dhara.  Sorry for the dark restaurant photos — it wasn’t very bright in there!

jason, leni, noah and baby #2

serendipity quilt shop

hitting the waves baby style

tromping through the water

she seriously loves walking the dog

“ummma” (“kiss”) 


and just for old time’s sake, here’s dhara last year this time

a beach weekend.

We spent time at the beach this past weekend visiting with Greg’s family.  Had a lovely time outdoors on their new stone patio just chatting, enjoying mom’s beautiful garden, and watching Dhara do all her fun little antics.  I spent any free time knitting a shop order and cutting fabric for bibs.  I also couldn’t help but stop at the local yarn store and my favorite antique shop.  Scored some pretty wooden buttons, a lovely vintage leather travelers bag, and a 1961 quilt top (thanks mom!).

Dhara was a water baby all weekend — she loved it! She especially loves having Aunt Beth in the water with her.  Also had a nice father’s day dinner by the grill master himself, Greg’s dad — he loves to cook.  And what an amazing cook — he makes everything taste great.

nightly walk on the beach enjoying an outdoor band

also enjoyed a scoop of coconut (my favorite) gelato + a scoop of hazelnut

greg and mom, a father’s day brunch

happy father’s day to greg and dad!

blowing bubbles with aunt beth

someone’s ready to get back in the water

historic lewes.

singing happy birthday!

Oh gosh, it feels like I have quite a long backlog of posts to put up, but it’s really just a good few.  First off, we recently went to the beach to celebrate Greg’s mom’s birthday.  We spent her special day in the most loveliest of nearby towns, Historic Lewes, in Delaware.  Lewes is the first town in the first U.S. state of Delaware.  It was founded in 1631.

We had a great time touring shops — my favorite being the local fabric shop, the yarn shop, a quaint children’s toy store, and an awesome antique shop.  Also had lunch at the tasty Striper Bites Bistro.

We also drove through Shipcarpenter Square — an awesome, awesome neighborhood in downtown Lewes.  The idea behind this neighborhood was conceived in the 80’s by two men who decided they wanted to transport homes from all across the country dated between the 1700’s – 1800’s to this neighborhood.  Which means the neighborhood is filled with the most quaintest homes imaginable.  Just loved it!

cheese + fruit tray

dhara grinning big for her grandma smith

the aged cheddar + olive on a toasted baguette was the tastiest combination

grandmother with her granddaughter

absolutely love the homes in Shipcarpenter Square — this one has a lighthouse!

super old headstones

stopped in Ginger Moon yarn store

oh, how I love Rowan yarn

I got 2 skeins of the beautiful Loop-d-Loop Fern yarn to make dhara a cardigan…

…and a couple batik fabrics, an old fashioned fabric for a vintage reproduction quilt I have in mind, and some BIG ricrac

old school/retro tin doll houses

a card for grandma

The Very Hungry Caterpillar toy rattle and fabric version of the book for dhara from aunt beth

and this was also awaiting dhara at her grandma’s house…  a BIG BOOK version of “Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?”

fully equipped with leather toy animals for each animal represented in the book — can anyone say, awesome?

For mom’s birthday, we gifted her with a handmade ipad cover from an Etsy shop called Kimoley Bags.  Dhara gave her a copy of the children’s book, “41 Uses for a Grandma“, by Harriet Ziefert.  She loved both!  To top it off, Dad bought the tastiest carrot cake ever from a local restaurant!  It was oven warmed and oh so rich!  I wouldn’t mind a piece right about now.

beaching it.

This past weekend we went to the eastern shore!  As usual, we had a relaxing time, great weather, and great food!  Greg’s dad is such an awesome cook — his family always jokes that he needs his own TV show.  I also had lunch at my favorite, Georgia House (my third time there) — and for the third time, had the club on wheatberry bread with sweet potato fries and some delicious pretzel salad.  I have absolutely no desire to try anything new even though I know it’s all good.  We also hit a few yard sales where I picked up two vases for $1.00, and a couple antique shops where I got a darling vintage white dress with blue embroidery (in perfect condition) for my darling Dhara, a few wooden spools for my yarn, and some vintage woven dish towels because I just have this thing for vintage woven dish towels — a small collection of mine. : )

And as always, we hit the beach!  Dhara wore a two-piece that her Aunt Lori got her.  She had an excellent time at the beach.  Our baby loved to feel the breeze and feel the sand between her fingers.  She would quietly pick up a handful of sand in her small chub hand, and softly let is slide through her fingers — so cute.

I just love this photo of Greg and Dhara — so peaceful and content watching the waves get closer and closer.

Dhara loves to touch Aunt Beth’s dog, Missy.

An old chapel built in the late 1800’s.  Greg’s mom wanted to purchase this chapel to start a quilt shop!  Dhara says, “There’s still time Grandma!”

Dhara visited Grandma’s school, saw her beautifully plush office, and met her co-workers.  She also met Aunt Beth’s co-workers too.

This cloth doll belonged to Greg’s mom’s great, great grandmother, Dr. Martha.  Which means, it belonged to Dhara’s great, great, great, great grandmother!  Wow!  It’s probably dated back to the Civil War era.  The history behind Dr. Martha is so interesting.  A while back, Greg’s mom showed me an article written about her.  She was a medical doctor who was very familiar with holistic medicines.  She rode horseback to her patients’ homes to treat them.  My most favorite part of the article is the part about her being a radical Baptist woman who cried out to God when she couldn’t help a patient.  What an amazing heritage!  I pray that Dr. Martha’s prayers be imparted to little Dhara — so that she too can be a radical woman of prayer!

Dhara at the pool.

Grandma feeding Dhara sweet potatoes.