strawberry picking.

I recently got a much needed break — Dhara and I went strawberry picking along with a new friend from church, Juanita, and her kids, Owen and Julia.  Yes, it’s fruit picking season, and I’ve really been looking forward to desserts made with freshly picked fruit.  So yum.  After picking to our hearts content, we headed back home to make jam!  We made 4 kinds — plain ol’ strawberry, strawberry orange, strawberry pear, and spicy strawberry.

strawberry brain freeze

blueberry fields.

blueberry summer

She was super busy picking and eating the unripe green blueberries.  This is the very reason I love blogging — because it documents our life as it unfolds.  The day to day outings, milestones, experiences and hopes.  My trusty camera is usually always by my side — it’s been through alot.  With all the beatings it’s gotten over the past years, it’s stayed true to my love of watching and documenting my daughter taste life one blueberry, or strawberry, or tart cherry at a time.

This afternoon I took Dhara and Hannah [my little cousin] to a blueberry field so we could pick enough berries for a quaint little celebration I’m hosting this Sunday. We went picking this same time last year with Zuma.  I just adore Dhara’s little blueberry top she’s wearing in these photos — she wore it as a dress last summer when she was a wee one.  [I actually purchased it a year before I got pregnant, something I would do here and there.] Wish I had one like it.

[gifty, she’s wearing a camp lighthouse for the blind t-shirt]

until next year

berry picking.

Last week, myself, my baby, and Aunty Zuma went berry picking.  I knew I wanted fresh fruit for blueberry lemonade, custard fruit tarts and black raspberry pie for Dhara’s garden party, so off we went to a farm a couple miles away called, Larriland.  Next time I’d like to ride my bicycle there with Greg — just me and him, to pick fruits and veggies.  I was pretty bummed that I missed strawberry season this year.  It came and went just like that!  I remember last year this time when I went strawberry picking with the Juan kids and Oilyn at Blueberry Hill in southern Illinois — what fun it was.

My sister and I picked blueberries at Larriland until the afternoon sun became to warm for the baby.  While they cooled off, I went and picked some black raspberries and beets in the shade.  The beets are for Dhara.  She’s getting used to her real food.

I just love the fact that we can go to the local farms in our area for seasonal fruits and veggies.  It’s so much fun to pick your own.  Peaches will be popping up in the next few weeks.  I found a great recipe for a pecan peach cobbler that I’d love to bake.

Picking berries with a baby ain’t that bad.

Dhara playing under a blueberry bush as mama and Aunt Zuma pick blueberries.

black raspberries.

black raspberry fields.

beets for Dhara.

blueberries for us.