annual camping trip.

It looks like I have lots of updating to do on the blog.  So much to catch up on and so much I want to say.  Let’s start with our fall camping trip in Pennsylvania. Seeing that we had a lovely time camping with family last year, it only seemed right to do it again this year, but with more family and friends.

Our tents lined the banks of Gifford State Park and overlooked its beautiful lake of shining waters [for you Anne of Green Gables fans].  It was officially Dhara’s second time camping, and what a good little camper she is!  Our little family of three loved getting cozy in our small tent filled with Pottery Barn quilts, as Greg would say.  He wouldn’t call it real camping since we weren’t roughing it, but not sure how you do that yet with a wee one.  Anyhow I love my quilts, and camping just wouldn’t be the same without three, or maybe four of them.  : )

As we were taking down our tents after 2 days of outdoor living, my cousin asked me if the same tent would work for next year with 4 people — little did we know there would be more than that.

our first night in the tent and she loved it!

the gregor snatched me and the dhara-girl away from the rest of the group one evening to watch the sunset in a secret location : )

watching the sun set

lilia + dhara



dhara + her daddy


French Creek State Park, Pennsylvania

I didn’t get as many photos as I would have liked, but we had a splendid time camping with family and friends.  Fresh air and sleeping in a quiet forest really does the body good.  It was Dhara’s first ever camping trip.  She loved being outdoors surrounded by swaying trees and dropping acorns.  She (and I) especially loved being in the tent — rolling around to and fro, and hearing the voices of little girlies in the tent next door.  I on the other hand, loved making our little tent cozy and a sweet place to be.