if we lived in india.

Greg and I talk about living in India one day, if God wills.  So this is me doing a little daydreaming about our Indian home.  Textiles, artistic tile, exposed wood, oddly shaped rooms, slanted ceilings, kilim rugs, real color, Greg driving a rickshaw, our kids running around barefoot, frothy cardamom ginger tea, having a wooden front door that creaks, hot crispy dosas every morning with little metal bowls overflowing and clinking with sambar + chutney.  Hmmm… yes, I could get used to this.

design love: wren’s natural habitat.

I’m pretty particular when it comes to design, layouts, color, and texture.  Greg always says, “Susan knows what she wants.”  And I pretty much do most of the time.  It’s not hard for me to say yes or no when it comes to things pertaining to fabrics, furniture, home decor, etc. — those words actually come pretty quickly — to even a fault at times because sometimes it’s hard to find something I really like..

The design blog, Ohdeeoh, features real-life baby/kids rooms.  While many of them are nice — none of them ever strike me as, love.  But, they recently featured a baby/child’s room combo that I absolutely loved.

From the wood stained door molding to the vintage inspired linens, colors, and crib — this room is what I would like to call design candy of the tastiest kind.  It’s so cozy, sweet, simple and nostalgic of times gone by.


featured II.

Ooooolala.  Dhara’s strawberry cake from her birthday party is being featured on the design blog, You Are My Fave!  You Are My Fave is one of my favorite design blogs!  Yay!

[And while I’m on the topic of birthday cakes, Faith, go bake my best friend a birthday cake she’ll never forget!  Happy Birthday Gifty!  Miss you lots, but I know your having a blast in the midwest.]