these boots.

“These boots were made for walking,” or rather, they were made for gardening. Greg and I purchased goulashes for Dhara before she was born — it was one of those store credit purchases.  I originally wanted a red British pair, but we ended up with some paisley blue ones.

We put them on the Dhara-girl for the first time last week so she could help her mama out with some gardening.  She was a wee bit wobbly at first, falling after taking her first step, but after a little practice she was just fine.  We couldn’t have picked a better morning for planting my germinated seeds and seedlings from the farm.  Both mama and baby tromping around in the soil with their goulashes on! Dhara loves being outside; she especially loves sticking her fingers in the dirt — I think I can foresee a future for my little gardener.

we have alot of fun with her

this + that.

Shop Update.

I’m in the process of sewing pieces for the shop; however, I ran into a snag — I’m all out of Susie Mey clothing labels.  Ahhh!  I’m hoping my shipment arrives soon! Stay tuned for some quaint little baby things.

Sheep + Wool Festival.

It’s tomorrow, yaay!  I’ve literally waited 2 years to attend this!  Soooo looking forward to meeting and seeing shepherds in action, hand-spun yarn, spinning classes, folk + bluegrass music, the sheep to shawl contest, etc. Maybe I’ll even get to shear a sheep, who knows!?!  : )  My festival experience and photos to come!

The Little One.

She’s been feeling under the weather these last 2 weeks.  Last week was a fever and really painful ear infection — poor girl almost had to go to the emergency room because of the pain.  This week it’s been a bad cold, congestion and coughing. One thing that does makes her feel better is watching Dave and the Giant Pickle. As parents, Greg and I are at a crossroads regarding having a TV in the home.  We are not much TV watchers, so we don’t feel like we’re missing anything.  But when it comes to our kids, we’re not sure how much TV we want our kids seeing.  I don’t know how practical it would be to not have a TV — it’s possible, but practical? While most things on TV are not child appropriate, there are educational shows/videos out there which are age appropriate.

We’ve been particular about Dhara watching purposeful TV if she does watch TV– thus far, the only thing she’s seen is Dave and the Giant Pickle — which to us has biblical significance [David + Goliath].  She’s watched it over and over.  While it does give me a break to get things done around the house, I want to be disciplined about how much TV I let her watch.  These are just some thoughts I’ve recently been mulling over since she’s at an age that she can watch television.  Any thoughts would be appreciated from parents “who’ve been there, done that”. Sorry for the low quality photos, these are from my cell phone.

dhara + her vintage patchwork quilt cozy up to watch a video

neighborhood friends.

anuj, wyatt, macy, dhara, jaya, ria

investigating a worm homicide

awesome chi alpha t-shirt. a gift from the national office. thank you!

dhara + aunt beth having a moment
playing in the woods

dhara + zoey.

sue + susan, college years, may 2004

It’s funny to think that Dhara has friends.  I mean, she’s only 15 months old, but yes, she has friends.  She actually has a good handfull of them.  One of them is Zoey — the daughter of our friends Josh + Sue.  Greg and I went to college with Sue, so it’s wonderful to still be connected after marriage and now, kids.  It was neat to catch up with them over the weekend.  It was especially neat to see our daughters catch up.  Dhara calls her friend, “Zozo.”  It was hilarious to hear Dhara call out to Zoey before they left — Dhara was getting her diaper changed in the next room, but still managed to yell out a, “BYE, BABY!” to Zoey as they prepared to walk out the front door.  Picture quality isn’t the best, but I still had to post some of these two buddies.

photos below from last fall, september 2010

photos below from last weekend, april 2011


And as you can see, Dhara is super affectionate.  Sometimes she doesn’t know when to hold back.  Fortunately, sweet little Zoey didn’t mind too much!  : )

savage mill.

photography by Chelsea Hudson

The Dhara-girl and I spent the morning with Chelsea (as in Chelsea Hudson Photography) and two of her three girls, Sydney and Nadia.  We strolled the compound of Historic Savage Mill — an old textile weaving mill dating back to the 1820’s.  It functioned as a textile mill for over 100 years!  I so wish I could go back in time to experience what went on at this beautiful stone mill.

It now functions as an art inspiring place that houses resident artist studios, offices, galleries and crafty shops.  Not to mention small restaurants and a nifty french bakery with buttery flaky soft pastries, fruit tarts and breads — don’t mind the girl behind the register, she may roll her eyes at you, but the sniek pastry (Cheslea, spelling?) is still really really good, trust me.

As you can see in the photos below, there is also a neat old red bridge that sits right over the Little Patuxent River.  The girls had a blast as Chelsea shot some really fun photos of them.  Photos below by Chelsea Hudson.

my Dhara-girl in a handmade sweater. I so love this shot.


bashful bridge walker

dhara days.

It’s been rainy these past two days.  Nothing compared to the glorious Monday that the Dhara-girl and I spent out and about town this week.  We had a doctor’s appointment where my girly got 2 shots.  I have to say, she’s a real trooper at the doctor’s office.  Every time she goes, she’s so trusting and so friendly with the doc and his wife — a pleasant pair.  Most kids we see at the office are screaming their heads off while Dhara silently watches them wondering, “what’s the big deal?”

She walks into the private patient room chatting, waving, and smiling at each person she sees.  That is until her trust is betrayed with a needle jabbed into each thigh.  I feel so bad for how trusting she is — only to be hurt in the end.  But then again, it’s so refreshing to see how she faithfully trusts.  Reminds me of how all-trusting I should be in the lover of my heart, Jesus, the only person who could never hurt me.

After her shots, we headed over to Nest, where I spoke to a woman about selling my handmade Indian block printed bibs at the shop.  Love that shop!  Next we headed over to our local Roots Market for some seeds.  I’m motivated to go to the next level with our garden this year — more about this in a later post.  At Roots, we picked up some baby snacks, some much needed burt’s bees lip balm, and some heirloom seeds consisting of red bell pepper, yellow squash, egg plant, and purple beans.  We drove home with the music on, all the windows down and the breeze whizzing our hair around.  Dhara loved it — she was all smiles in the back seat.  I love that girl and her chuckle.  I love this age she’s in — I think it’s my favorite.  I told Greg that I loved her as a baby, but now I doubly love her personality which melts my heart constantly throughout the day.  She’s a sweetheart, my girl.

munching on mozzarella cheese + apples


hair by zuma aunty

Dhara’s hair is getting longer.  Her bangs literally cover her eyes now.  Thank goodness she lets me put a barrette in so she can see!  My hope is that I won’t have to cut her hair — at least for a long while.  I was always the little girl with the short bob; so I am determined that my little girl have long hair for me to heidi braid and tie up in cute buns.  Let’s see how this pans out!

green girl.

dhara waiting for her great grandparents to come for their weekly visit to play with their great granddaughter. my, does she love them…

She’s my little green girl.  Her middle name means, “meadow by the river.”  I just love that.  She says hello [“hi-lo”] to small birds and hugs big dogs.  We sit around in our beloved nightgowns all day long and laugh and play.  But of course when there is work to be done, my little green girl follows me around in her hurried little step watching ever so curiously what I do and going determinedly where I go.

12 months old.

[Her 12 month post has been waiting ever so patiently.  Here are some photos taken of Dhara the first week of January.]  It’s been a year since she joined the Smith/Kurikeshu households, and a joyful year it’s been watching her grow into her personality and becoming a cherry little person.  She’s an affectionate little girl who loves giving kisses and hugs.  She says hello to everyone she sees, even if they don’t say hi back, but most do.  She’ll wave goodbye immediately followed by a dramatic flying kiss.  Oh, I love her.

My little girl definitely has a mullet.  You can’t tell from these photos, but it’s there. Trust me.  Zuma Aunty often asks her, “Baby, do you like your mullet?”  In which, Dhara nods her head, yes.  The mullet hasn’t gotten bad — at least not yet.  It still curls under her ear in a cute pixie way.  Like Tinkerbelle from Peter Pan.  I’m hoping I wont have to cut her hair, ever.  I just love it when little girls have long hair.  But we’ll see how the mullet fares in the coming months.

Dhara just loves books.  She’s always picking up books and asking to be read to, “book, book.”  Her most recent fave has been Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? by Dr. Seuss.  She makes the sound of the rooster, “cock-a-doo”, the cow, “moooooo”, and the cork, “pop pop.”  She can even whisper, which is really cute to hear. “Whisper, whisper, and that is that”, as Dr. Seuss would say.

She walks alot quicker these days.  Her gait is similar to a ducks — waddle waddle — but a fast duck.  She loves closets and she’s always eager to be where the action + fun is.  She loves her Zuma Aunty, Josh Uncle, and Aunt Beth especially.  And both grandmas have a special special place in her heart where kisses reside and special secrets are told.  Her great grandpa is also among her endeared.

She’s still not a big eater, but she loves yogurt.  It doesn’t surprise me after all the yogurt I ate when I was pregnant.  One thing is for sure, she won’t eat what you give her, but she will eat off the floor!

beach christmas, a photo recap.

the smith’s Christmas 2010 was a lovely one

dhara’s first Christmas + first birthday

her first time opening gifts (and reading a card)

she needed some help from her dada

a set of wooden instruments! thanks aunt beth!

greg and his signature spiderman gift from his sister, beth

tummy tum tum

new cap from the wifey

meeting aunt beth’s new puppy, snowball

two pups

baking a gingerbread man with grandma

one last hug — leaving for woodbine

party plates made by grandma smith with a special note on the back:

“Happy First Birthday Dhara.  You have brought such joy to all of our lives!  Love always, Grandma Sandy, Grandpa Smitty, and Aunt Beth”