recap: crafty bastards fair.

It finally feels good to have things quiet down a bit after the busyness of the last couple months.  Last night as Greg and I cuddled close in bed, Greg had his hand on my belly and we both felt in awe as we felt two little ones shuffle about.  Little pitter patter hands and feet here and there.  It only lasted a few minutes, but it was hard to deny or assume they were gas bubbles.  I’m almost 15 weeks now, and I’ve heard that if you’ve been pregnant before, you are more likely to feel baby earlier than a first time mom.

Onto the Crafty Bastard’s Arts + Crafts Fair!  Weather-wise, you could call it the worst possible craft fair weather known to man.  Despite the wind and rain, the fair organizers expected 20,000 people to meander through — and they were right, people came!  This particular fair has been around for the past 8 years and the Adams Morgan locals never miss it.  All in all, I would say my very first craft fair went very well.  I was initially worried that I didn’t make enough, but that fear subsided when everything was displayed.

For sale, we had harem pants, kurtas, headscarves, cloth rattles, bibs, felt flower hair clips in varying sizes, swaddling blankets, bloomers, crib pillows, bunting, and some sweet quilts by La Sweetie in a variety of Indian block prints.  It was also a pleasure to have tent mate, Slide Sideways from Seattle — I purchased a nifty screen printed camera pouch from her.

uber cool handmade signs, like in my dreams, by best friend, the talented gifty john

I felt so blessed to be surrounded by family and close friends who helped a ton, and fed Greg and I with delicious burgers and falafel when things began to get super busy.  I was surprised to see people I hadn’t seen in a while, and friends who came by to support Susie Mey with a purchase.  Thank you!  And thanks to my amazing and super handy hubby — he’s definitely got a carpenter’s gene in there somewhere — he crafted a beautiful clothing rack [mirrored after this one I wanted so bad] to display and store my handmades at craft fairs and for my sewing space at home.  It was also so nice to be manning our fair table together — I talked to customers while he did all the transactions.  We used Square on our iPad to accept credit cards — umm, can I say so cool?!  Thanks to the crazy talented Chelsea Hudson Photography for all the beautiful model shots which I use all the time for promotional material!!!  Also a special thanks to Gifty and Becky who stayed up late with me the last week leading up to the fair, ironing, cutting fabric, and for sitting with us in the rain!

This craft fair got Greg and I excited about doing more fairs.  It was so much fun meeting people, and talking fabrics.  : )  It feels so good doing what just innately feels so right.  I think I found my niche.

crafty bastards arts + crafts fair.

So it’s my very first craft fair, and to be completely honest, I never thought I’d be in one.  A couple months ago I was reading a blog and read about an Etsy craft fair happening in my neck of the woods.  I absolutely love craft fairs (especially Etsy inspired ones!) — you can find the neatest one-of-a-kind handmade treasures — if you are into that kinda thing.  I’ve always admired an artist’s dedication to their craft, but I never thought I’d see myself sitting at my own booth selling my very own pieces.

So I looked up the fair — the Crafty Bastards Art’s + Craft’s Fair in DC.  I was so intrigued.  Hundreds apply, and only 150 vendors are chosen by a jury of 10-12 people. I gave Greg a call at work and asked him what he thought about me putting in an application to become a Susie Mey vendor.  He responded with a, “go for it — I know you’ll get it.”

So I applied online, paid the $10 application fee and waited, still not believing I would get chosen.  The announcement day came and went, and I didn’t hear anything.  So I contacted the organizers of the fair.  They said I had gotten accepted and was supposed to receive an email!

I really do feel blessed that I get to be a part of all this.  It’s what I love doing.  I told God to help me get accepted if He wanted me to pursue making baby clothes + textiles — I didn’t want to pursue it out of my own strength and effort.  I needed His blessing, His backing in all this.  And it’s a prayer that got answered.

And now the fair is less than 2 weeks away!  Yaay!  I am crazy busy sewing like a madwoman creating sweet little clothes, linens, and accessories for babies and toddlers.  SOOO….if you are in the DC area on Saturday, October 1st, please come out and spend the day outdoors in this beautiful weather at the Crafty Bastard’s Arts + Craft Fair in Adam’s Morgan — I would LOVE to see all of your beautiful faces!  This year there are so many awesome vendors selling some pretty amazing handmade goods, and not to mention some delicious fare!  Crafty Bastard’s has opened the fair to food vendors as well!!!  Which means I will probably have a tasty cupcake, or two!  🙂

Check out the About and FAQ page for details, location, and the vendor list.  Here’s a taste of what last year’s fair was like: