neighborhood friends.

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investigating a worm homicide

awesome chi alpha t-shirt. a gift from the national office. thank you!

dhara + aunt beth having a moment
playing in the woods

3 years.

I was going to write about cloth napkins today when I read the below excerpt on my cousin, Becky’s, blog.  It’s about her dear mother who passed away, (my father’s eldest sister, Lilly, whom all of us nieces and nephews endearingly called, Ohio Mommy). It’s so beautiful that it made me weep for Becky’s dear loss, but also for the wonderful example of a mom that Ohio Mommy was.  I can only hope and pray that my kids would remember me in such a beautiful way.  My love and prayers go out to Ohio Mommy’s three children, my cousins, who had the best of the best kinda mom.  I posted Becky’s words below on my blog because I never want to forget them, and because I want to remember how thankful we should be for the dear people God puts in our lives.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 3 years.  3 years since I heard her say my name, 3 years since I looked into her beautiful eyes, and 3 years since I held her hand in mine.  3 years since she saw my sweet babies, 3 years since I became one of those girls who doesn’t have her mom anymore.  And yeah, I often look at my friends who still have their mothers in their lives and I envy them.  I knew the day she died, nothing would feel the same again, and in some ways, that has been true.  Home has become where my children are and the feeling I had when I was around her, I haven’t found anywhere else.  Heaven seems not so distant, and I think about it a lot more than I did before someone I loved so much went to live there.

Some of the sweetest moments with my children have been when they have asked me about her.  “Mommy, when will we see Ohio Ammachy (“Ammachi” in our Indian language means “Grandmother”)?”  “Mommy, tell us a story ’bout when you were a little girl and your mommy told you a story.” “Mommy tell us about when you were sick and your mommy would let you sleep in her bed all night.” “Mom, remember when Ammachi would share her crackers with me?”  “Remember when I would help her put her socks on?”  “Remember when I would show her my dress and she would smile at me?”  And I want to tell them about her, to explain to them, to share with them, the mother I had.  But how do you translate into language, what it is you want to say?  It’s hard to put into words what comes to your mind when you think of her, what you miss the most about her, and how you feel about her not being here now.  It’s like looking back and seeing a shadow.  You know what you think you remember, and what you wish you could forget, and what you long to hold onto.

Mostly, though, you pause now and then, and in your minds’ eye and in your hearts’ memory, you remember a love and a patience so strong and deep and a heart that cherished you and a voice that called you chickadee and prayed with you every morning, and gentle hands that touched your chin and combed your hair into two braids every night before bedtime, and you blink back tears and sometimes you let them fall, and when your small daughter looks at you knowingly and says, “Mom, you miss your Mom?” you hug her so close and snug, and you thank God for His unfathomable wisdom and for family.  The one you had and the one you have.”

the shah family.

Meet the Shah’s.  A dad, a mom, and a gorgeous baby girl.  Ria is such a darling, I mean, look at that face!  It really doesn’t get any cuter than that!

It was a pleasure photographing this family and watching how much these first time parents just love being parents.  A baby can never get too much love.  Thank you Milind and Payal for allowing me to capture just a tidbit of your lovely little family.

the martin family.

Meet the Martin’s.  Lina and I actually went to high school together.  We lost contact after graduation — that is until the Facebook generation and blogging came around.  It was so neat to reconnect and find out we both were married, her with a son, and me with a little one on the way.

Lina, a super crunchy hip mama, is an inspiration and testimony to God’s goodness. She recently had a home birth — a total inspiration!  I need pointers lady!  Brian and Lina have two beautiful boys, Johnny, and most recently, Joseph!  They really are the cutest little people.  Lina, thanks for allowing me to photograph your sweet little family and Baby Joseph’s baptism.


My little brother is ridiculously talented.  He’s good at so many things — and he’s got such an agreeable and pleasant presence.  I love that he can get up in front of a crowd of people and do his thing!  Check out Josh (my bro), Chris, and Simon perform at the UMBC Open Mic Night Best Cover Competition, singing the theme song from the 90’s children’s television show, Arthur the Aardvark, on PBS kids. They ended up winning the Best Cover!

rachel elisabeth.

She’s a very precious baby.  An-answer-to-prayer-baby.  A gift from the Holy One of Heaven baby.  It was pure bliss seeing my cousin tenderly caring for her little baby girl.  “She got her girl!”, as her sister would say enthusiastically.  She certainly got her girl — a dainty little thing.  So tiny, so perfect.  It really makes my heart smile when I think of my cousin Betty with a wee one.  It’s really how it should have always been.  As a child, I secretly envied the children of this special, special woman.  This woman, a story teller at heart.  This one who children love to be around because she just makes them feel, well, safe and loved.  Little Rachel is a blessed gal.

historic lewes.

singing happy birthday!

Oh gosh, it feels like I have quite a long backlog of posts to put up, but it’s really just a good few.  First off, we recently went to the beach to celebrate Greg’s mom’s birthday.  We spent her special day in the most loveliest of nearby towns, Historic Lewes, in Delaware.  Lewes is the first town in the first U.S. state of Delaware.  It was founded in 1631.

We had a great time touring shops — my favorite being the local fabric shop, the yarn shop, a quaint children’s toy store, and an awesome antique shop.  Also had lunch at the tasty Striper Bites Bistro.

We also drove through Shipcarpenter Square — an awesome, awesome neighborhood in downtown Lewes.  The idea behind this neighborhood was conceived in the 80’s by two men who decided they wanted to transport homes from all across the country dated between the 1700’s – 1800’s to this neighborhood.  Which means the neighborhood is filled with the most quaintest homes imaginable.  Just loved it!

cheese + fruit tray

dhara grinning big for her grandma smith

the aged cheddar + olive on a toasted baguette was the tastiest combination

grandmother with her granddaughter

absolutely love the homes in Shipcarpenter Square — this one has a lighthouse!

super old headstones

stopped in Ginger Moon yarn store

oh, how I love Rowan yarn

I got 2 skeins of the beautiful Loop-d-Loop Fern yarn to make dhara a cardigan…

…and a couple batik fabrics, an old fashioned fabric for a vintage reproduction quilt I have in mind, and some BIG ricrac

old school/retro tin doll houses

a card for grandma

The Very Hungry Caterpillar toy rattle and fabric version of the book for dhara from aunt beth

and this was also awaiting dhara at her grandma’s house…  a BIG BOOK version of “Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?”

fully equipped with leather toy animals for each animal represented in the book — can anyone say, awesome?

For mom’s birthday, we gifted her with a handmade ipad cover from an Etsy shop called Kimoley Bags.  Dhara gave her a copy of the children’s book, “41 Uses for a Grandma“, by Harriet Ziefert.  She loved both!  To top it off, Dad bought the tastiest carrot cake ever from a local restaurant!  It was oven warmed and oh so rich!  I wouldn’t mind a piece right about now.