papa day 2011.

father’s day 2011, in grandma’s garden, bethany beach, DE

To Dhara’s Daddy,

Happy second father’s day to my great love.  You are an amazing daddy who loves with all your heart.  I love watching you with our little girl.  I love how patient and kind you are with her.  I love how you teach and train her in the way she should go.  I appreciate how you wake up in the middle of the night to bring her warm milk.  I love how hard you work so that I can stay home with our little one.  I love making up silly songs with you for her — they are fantastic and should be made public.  I love how you tickle her and chase her around the house on your hands and knees.  I love how you take her down the road to see the rabbit den filled with baby bunnies and a mama rabbit.  I like how you both tend the vegetable garden together.  I love how you pray for her because the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much — and I didn’t make that up.  I love how special you think she is.  And, I love how special you are.

love, Dhara’s Mama

papa day 2010.

Papa Smith and Dhara (3 months old)

[An older entry.] Gregory celebrated his first Father’s Day this year.  My daughter has a wonderful father.  He is dedicated to her well being — especially her spiritual well being.  Every morning before he leaves for work, whether she’s still asleep or not, he lays his hand gently on her and prays for her.  What blesses me most is knowing that the love she experiences from her earthly father translates into how she will come to understand love from her heavenly Father who loves her in the most perfect way.

Here are 10 things I love about Dhara’s daddy:

1.  The way he prays for his daughter.

2.  The way he believes in faith for his daughter to become a woman of God.

3.  The way he spends time with her.

4.  The way he laughs when Dhara is in her delirious-sleepy-smiley-stage right before she hits the sack for the night.

5.  The way he swaddles her so precisely.

6.  The way he would rock her to sleep when she was a wee one.

7.  The way he praises her.

8.  The way he waters the garden with her against his chest.

9.  The way he provides for his baby.

10.  The way he simply loves.  It reminds me of Jesus.

We celebrated Father’s Day a few days late by going to our old stomping grounds of downtown Baltimore to have a sushi dinner and watch the 48 Hour Film Project at the well-known and historic, Charles Theater.  It felt nice to take a walk on our old street.  I love living in the country, but I also loved living in the city.  There is something so alive about a bustling city filled with lights, historic markers, interesting people, and great restaurants.

The 48 Hour Film Project was an interesting experience.  We watched 12 short films and rated our top three.  It just so happened that my film major of a brother, Josh, helped film an Indian one.  Great job Josh!