mossy sweater.

This week I finally completed knitting a sweater I started back in the summertime during a trip to Texas.  In my opinion, it’s a huge accomplishment for me because I normally run to friends like Gifty or Lakshmi when it comes to reading a pattern, but I took the leap and battled it all on my own — buttonholes and everything.  I’m glad I did too because I realized it wasn’t so bad and that I was totally capable of working through a pattern — slowly, line by line.

I used Jolene Lye’s Mossy Sweater for Kids pattern in size 18 months found via Ravelry, my favorite pattern go-to website thanks to Mazhalai.  The sweater pattern was for a long sleeved pullover, but I decided it would be cuter if I kept it short sleeved so Dhara could wear a long sleeved onsie underneath.  I knit the sweater using Lion Brand’s Fisherman’s Wool in oatmeal — Fisherman’s Wool comes in the most loveliest of natural, earthy colors.  Love this stuff.  I also added a couple of woodsy tree-etched buttons to finish it off.

baby eyeing mama’s pattern drafting supplies

By the way, this size 18 month sweater fit my 10 month old baby just perfectly. : )

japanese pattern books.

I’ve been going through my shelf of pattern books for project ideas and came across The Stylish Dress Book that was mailed to me all the way from Japan.  It came with beautiful photos, instructions and full scaled pattern pieces.  One thing is true — the Japanese sure do have a handle on great fabrics, designs, and styles.  I love almost every piece of clothing in this book and can’t wait to begin sewing a dress — I’ll probably start with the one on the cover.

The only downside of purchasing a Japanese pattern book is that all of them are written in Japanese!  However, there is plenty of help online (tutorials, blogs, etc.) to help you get started.  Plus, the patterns are numbered and pretty clear cut.

give-away! kimono top in 70’s wallpaper print.

Anyone is welcome to enter!  To win this baby kimono top in a whimsy 70’s wallpaper print [handmade by me], here’s how you can enter:

Leave a comment on my blog stating your favorite springtime activity.

Those overseas are also welcome to join!  The contest ends this Friday, April 16th (midnight) and I’ll announce the winner, chosen through a random generator, the following day!

Note: This kimono top is gender neutral, so whether you have a baby boy or girl, it will be a sweet little addition to their wardrobe.  Don’t have a little one?  This would also make a darling gift!

Sewn with attention to detail, kimono tops are made with 100% clean cotton.  Ties on outside and inside.  Tops come in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-12 months.  Please let me know your size preference when you leave your comment.  Thanks!

baby smith handmade #2.

Project #2:  Shawl Collar Sweater.

I have always been one for a nice, thick, comfy sweater.  The kind that reminds you of fall leaves and winter snow.  The kind you wrap yourself in for a woodsy bonfire.  Shawl collar sweaters are especially nice for this.  I have a few myself, and thought that my little girl would like to feel as cozy as I feel when I’m in them.  This baby sweater in peacock blue is a comfy addition to any baby girl’s wardrobe. I used Debbie Bliss’ Ribbed Baby Jacket pattern in size 0-3 months found via Ravelry.  As for yarn, I used a beautiful skein of Manos del Urugu’ay yarn to knit this sweater.  The yarn has got a folksy handspun pure wool kettle dyed finish.

The finished sweater has got cuffed sleeves and a big brown button for kicks.  Baby clothes don’t have to be so baby anymore.  When choosing the yarn for this sweater, I remember walking into the yarn shop with a specific type of yarn in mind.  I told the lady behind the counter that I wanted to make a baby sweater, and she directed me to all the “baby yarns” in baby yellows, pinks and light purples.  I shook my head.  “Nope, this is not what I had in mind.”  I walked over to the bins of Manos yarn and instantly fell in love.  She disagreed with my selection for a baby sweater, but I bought 2 skeins anyway.  I love how warm this sweater makes me feel inside.  Makes me think of a log cabin and warm banana bread.  Thanks to Lakshmi for her help with the pattern!

[peacock blue skein of yarn, from Manos del Urugu’ay.]


Other Baby Smith Handmade Projects:

Project #1:  Scalloped Blanket.

What is Baby Smith Handmade?

the hannah nightgown.

I’ve recently been getting into garment construction.  I think it would be awesome if I eventually came to the point where I could design and construct my children’s clothes.  I love kids clothes that are fun and whimsical, and sometimes even representative of days of old.  And I don’t mean bonnets and frilly dresses and such, but more the sheer white viole cotton tops for picnics and comfy striped bloomers for racing.  : )

My little cousin, Hannah, celebrated her birthday recently and I mailed her a homemade gift that I worked on with Jan — a knee length summer cotton nightgown with fluttery cap sleeves.  It was turquoise in color with brown polka dots and antique brown metal buttons.  Perfect for those warm summer nights under the covers.


suhan[photo above] Susan + Hannah in tea fields. Niligiri Hills, India. Summer 2005.

susie mey.

Greg had a dream the other day.  In it, we had a little baby girl, and we named her Susie Mey.  Greg specifically noted that her middle name, Mey, was spelled with an “e.”  She had slightly blond hair and a quirky, childlike expression on her cute small face.

This is most definitely the beginning of something beautiful.  : )

Beautiful because Greg and I are having a baby.  Beautiful because we know we are going to be the happiest parents in the whole wide world.  Beautiful because Jesus granted us the desires of our hearts.

I want this blog to be a place where I highlight pregnancy and motherhood, family and God, and lastly, crafting and creating — all of which to forge a family and home that is godly, organic, real and simply delightful.  Oh, how I really do miss blogging!  Now is the time to get back into the “sewing” of things.


Some words God spoke to both Greg and I:

“Fear not, for I am with you; I will bring your offspring from the east, and from the west I will gather you.”  Isaiah 43:5

“And this promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off, everyone whom the Lord our God calls to Himself.”  Acts 2:39


[photo left] woolen green winter scarf for Greg.

[stitch technique: knit & purl with each row beginning and ending with garter stitch.]

[it’s his utmost favorite during the winter season, he never leaves home without it.]