pad + quill.

For Greg’s birthday this year, his family and my family went in together to purchase him an iPad 2.  Greg loves him some technology, so this was a real treat; plus, he so deserved it!  Thinking we would get him the iPad last year, I did a little research last spring on the perfect iPad case/cover and came across a fantastic handmade cover by a company called Pad + Quill.

If you’ve ever used (and love) a Moleskine notebook, you will love this iPad cover because it looks like a legendary Moleskine.  I also love that it has wood trim inside — simple Moleskine outer build, yet finely crafted with wood inside.  This video goes into more detail — it’s by one of the Pad + Quill makers himself.

We received our cover in the mail last week and we love, love, love it.  It’s modern, clean-cut, super functional and so easy to use because you never ever have to take your iPad out of its case.  See for yourself.


little peephole for camera


fits like a glove

a happy boy