stop motion.

stop-motion (also known as stop-action or frame-by-frame) is an animation technique to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own.  The object is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous sequence.”  (wikied)

My brother, Josh, showed me this music video by Oren Lavie, called “Her Morning Elegance.”  It’s done in stop motion format — very cool idea.  Josh is a film major and also doing a project in stop motion.  To do his project, he borrowed a camera bag full of camera goodies I got off of ebay for $90.  The bag has an old Canon AE-1 35mm camera, a telephoto lens, filters, and other neat pieces of equipment for old school camera fun.  He dropped off two rolls of film today to get developed.  It’s so weird that I developed film at one point in my life — and lots of it!

sarah jane studios.

Greg and I were up last night in our new room hanging photographs and tapestries and preparing for baby.  My parents have been so gracious to let us have their 1st floor guest room for the unseen future — photos of that to come once I’m done nesting.  : )  Anyway, it’s a great sized room for this next season of our lives.  

For a couple months now, I’ve been on the search for a piece of artwork to place over the baby’s crib.  Something just for her.  I really love local artwork and always prefer that over the artwork found in department stores or store chains.  I was looking for something whimsical, nostalgic, girly and even childish.  I came across Sarah Jane Studios, and was delighted to see her sweet vintage designs for children.  She pretty much has a print for every season or month.  So, I chose December’s print, “Winter Cheer”, since baby will be a winter baby.

What Sarah Jane says about this print, “I remember as a girl sitting at my kitchen window at the snowy forest behind our house so calmed by the misty grey that winter brings.  I really love the magic in the winter forest…so delicate and quiet.  But then the Cardinal would come and draw my complete attention.  He was like a sign of hope.  My heart would race, and I would beg him to stay a while.”

It’s kind of neat too, because the crib faces our backyard window, which is a backyard of woods with cardinals and blue jays swooping in and out of the trees.  It will be a good reminder of living at grandma’s house for a time in her life. 

Coming in at a close second was Kiki + Polly’s, “Scooter” acrylic print by Oregon based artist, Lisa Golighty.  (Both Sarah Jane and Lisa Golighty have sweet blogs too!)   

[“Winter Cheer” print, from Sarah Jane Studios + “Scooter” print, from Kiki + Polly.]