mykella + joshua.

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the wedding of a special friend.  Mykella and I met in Chi Alpha 8 years ago.  At the time, Greg and I (not married) were Chi Alpha leaders at the University of Maryland after graduation, and Mykella was a student.  As a student, she was super smart, had a gorgeous smile, was shy, sweet, and chock full of creative ideas.  Not to mention, she had an entrepreneurial streak — the girl started a stationary company in college!  And I have the stylish cards to prove it!

Fast forward 8 years, Mykella introduces Greg and I to her fiance, Joshua — a gentleman, jovial, gregarious and just a godly guy who comes from an amazing family.  I was especially touched by Joshua’s Jamaican grandfather who gave a touching and bold speech about the power of family and togetherness.  Greg and I were also touched by Mykella and Joshua’s decision to have a super simple wedding.  They spent all their savings on a beautiful turn of the century home, instead of a grand wedding.  I’m truly proud of them for their wise decision.  I wish I had done the same! 😉

Mykella + Josh, you are an extraordinary couple!  Many blessings as you live this life together for God and His glory!  Your testimony is powerful, and your love is so evident.  Congratulations!  Here are some of my favorites from their special day!  Special thanks to my second photographer/hubby who gives me the confidence I need to grow as a photographer.  I love shooting with him, and I look forward to the many more photo opportunities we get to capture special moments together!












the martin family, take 2.

I was so happy when high school friend, Lina, messaged me to do another family session and document the baptism of her third bambino, or I should say bambina. That’s right. The first time I photographed the Martin’s, we welcomed Brian + Lina’s second baby boy, Joey.  Now two years later, they are blessed with three! Their newest edition, Baby Rita, is oh so tiny with the most delicate and beautiful features.  Lina’s boys are a hoot, and are as cute as can be!  Boys will be boys! Makes me wonder what my own boys will be like in a couple years.

It was wonderful to catch up with her again.  I have to add that I’m really proud of Lina and all her crunchy ways. : )  The girl is a lactation consultant and doula!  She recently started her own business called F&P Breastfeeding Services.  Lina, you are awesome!  If you were local, I would have SO consulted with you! : )  There was such a feeling of de ja vu as I photographed this beautiful family for the second time and the baptism of their sweet baby girl.  Congrats Brian + Lina!




the boys are holding hands despite their desire NOT to!




















the stewart family.

Again, kudos to Facebook for reuniting an old friendship.  Jainy and I went to high school together.  We met in Biology class.  Being that we are both malu’s, it was inevitable that we would eventually gravitate towards one another — Jainy with her cheery personality, and me with always something up my sleeve, we had loads of fun on our mini adventures (like walking through graveyards), hanging out and laughing hysterically.

Jainy and I lost contact after I switched high schools in 10th grade.  But we connected almost 13 years later via Facebook.  She’s now married to an awesome guy, Dwayne, and they both have an amazingly cute baby boy named Jayden.  This little guy has got some serious adorableness going on.  Jainy wanted some family portraits, so we decided to meet at the beautiful Brookside Gardens to capture her lovely little family in action.   It’s been so neat catching up with her in this season of our lives now that we get to talk about cloth diapers, sewing and knitting.  : ) Meet the Stewart’s.

a sneak peak!!!

Giannis + Sandra

Greg and I shot a lovely wedding yesterday in DC during Hurricane Irene.  It was so much fun.  Here’s a sneak peak of the beautiful couple.  More pictures to come!!!

sam + praisy.

Sam is a long time family friend of ours and he’s also a fellow member of the Fantastic 8 — a group of 8 Indian kids who grew up together ever since they were wee ones.  (As is Sophy from my last post).  Sam always said he would get married after he turned 30, and sure enough he was right.  I first met Praisy at their engagement ceremony a couple months back, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by how down to earth, gregarious, and easy going she is.  A perfect fit! Can’t wait to see these two get hitched this Saturday!  There were so many great photos from this session that it made it hard choosing which ones to post!

many blessings as you both begin your journey together!

baby seylah.

I got the lovely opportunity to photograph beautiful Baby Seylah.  She’s the daughter of my good friends Sophy + Vince — here’s a photo shoot I did with them a few years back during my Good Elephant days when neither of us had children. So amazing what can happen in a short span of 3 years.  Sophy and I grew up together — we’ve known each other for over 20 years, so you could call us super close friends, but the relationship feels more like family.  Kinda like we’re cousins, or even sisters.  It’s so heartwarming to see her with children now — the latest being little Seylah.

a super sweet baby girl

zaved + nafisa.

It was the first time I met these two, but it felt like I already knew them.  We met on the cobblestone streets of Fells Point in downtown Baltimore.  Fells Point has just the right amount of quirkiness and dilapidated buildings to really make for some fun pictures.

Zaved + Nafisa recently got engaged and the joy that fills these two is really heartwarming.  After their October wedding this fall, they’ll be moving to Australia, where Zaved is from.  I almost forgot how neat Australian accents are!  It was really nice to sit and chat with them at the Daily Grind coffee shop — a super spot for a photo session, natural light, coffee, and biscotti — but moreover it was really nice to sit in the background and capture on digital “film” and video the simple delight of two people who love being together.  Congrats and best wishes to you both!  Below are some of my favorites from the e-session.

the shah family.

Meet the Shah’s.  A dad, a mom, and a gorgeous baby girl.  Ria is such a darling, I mean, look at that face!  It really doesn’t get any cuter than that!

It was a pleasure photographing this family and watching how much these first time parents just love being parents.  A baby can never get too much love.  Thank you Milind and Payal for allowing me to capture just a tidbit of your lovely little family.

the martin family.

Meet the Martin’s.  Lina and I actually went to high school together.  We lost contact after graduation — that is until the Facebook generation and blogging came around.  It was so neat to reconnect and find out we both were married, her with a son, and me with a little one on the way.

Lina, a super crunchy hip mama, is an inspiration and testimony to God’s goodness. She recently had a home birth — a total inspiration!  I need pointers lady!  Brian and Lina have two beautiful boys, Johnny, and most recently, Joseph!  They really are the cutest little people.  Lina, thanks for allowing me to photograph your sweet little family and Baby Joseph’s baptism.