elviz + chino.

It was a pleasure to meet and photograph Elviz + Chino.  These soon-to-be-married love birds are hopping on a jet plane next month to their motherland, India, for a wedding that is sure to be unforgettable.  In the meantime, here are some snaps of two hip folks living it up in the countryside.

rachel elisabeth.

She’s a very precious baby.  An-answer-to-prayer-baby.  A gift from the Holy One of Heaven baby.  It was pure bliss seeing my cousin tenderly caring for her little baby girl.  “She got her girl!”, as her sister would say enthusiastically.  She certainly got her girl — a dainty little thing.  So tiny, so perfect.  It really makes my heart smile when I think of my cousin Betty with a wee one.  It’s really how it should have always been.  As a child, I secretly envied the children of this special, special woman.  This woman, a story teller at heart.  This one who children love to be around because she just makes them feel, well, safe and loved.  Little Rachel is a blessed gal.