5 months old.

A certain little sweet one turned five months old.  She’s very playful, and very friendly, and oh so cuddly.  For a chub, she’s not solid, but rather very soft and buttery.  She does this thing now where she bends backwards in your arms so she can see the sky.  I think she may be a dreamer, like me.  She smiles at us when we do silly things to make her laugh — I think she thinks that we’re cute for all the silly dancing and sounds we make for her.

She sits up high in her high chair like she’s ready to eat people food, banging the tray in front of her and loving the sound.  She’s waking up way before us and contently slapping each of our arms every morning to wake us up to her bright-eyed little face.  She enjoys Indian “guzzel” (classical) music.  : )  She enjoys high fives and hand shakes as well.  She’s rolling over and sitting up, with help of course.

And she continues to shriek her high pitched little shriek when she’s in a playful mood.  I just love her playful moods.  They make me smile and make me wish for another baby because my current baby is growing up way too fast!

3 months old.

Today marks 3 months since a delicious little cupcake joined our lives on a blustery Christmas morning.  This little one has seen her fair share of snow in her mere 90 days of life (So glad I ended up choosing this one!).  But spring is here, and with it comes long walks to show her just how much she will love the great outdoors. 

Thus far, Dhara has been a pure delight.  She is so curious, she has quite the stare for pretty much everything she lays eyes on.  Her hand-eye coordination is picking up — with much wobbling, she’s able to purposely touch my face.  She holds her head up so high when she’s on her tummy.  She still has that bashful smile where she smiles and hides her face in your shoulder.  We think she’s going to be a calm one — not a crazy wild little beezer like I was.

She talks alot.  Lots of fake crying too.  I’m not sure what she’s thinking when she fake cries.  I wish I knew.  But it’s so fun to watch, because it sounds like she’s complaining about something.

Dhara has also recently noticed that she has hands.  She will accidentally see her hands, and then stare at them as she turns them back and forth.  She also loves to look in the mirror and see the other little baby girl staring right back at her.  She always seems so mezmerized by that girl.  She loves to smile and talk to her.  She doesn’t yet realize that the other baby girl is her.  It’s the sweetest thing to see!

She likes to stand on her feet.  She also likes to put her fists in her mouth — a habit we are trying to get rid of!  She enjoys licking your face and eating your nose if she can catch it in time before you move it away.


The photos above of Chris and Dhara were taken by Josh using the Canon AE-1 35mm.  The field of depth and color in these shots makes these awesome, awesome shots.  Such richness, as Greg would say.  Really makes me want to go back to using film.  Maybe I should.


[The following celebrates my husband, while also documenting our travels in India in 2009.]  So, my husband has officially reached his thirties.  I can remember a time 7 years ago when I first met him.  He was the “boy-next-door-friend” — you know, the kind in the movies.  Just to clarify, I don’t mean boyfriend.  I mean “boy-next-door-friend.”  The kind you race with as kids.  Or the kind that your Indian mom lets come over because she knows, “he’s just a friend.”  Anyway, I never had a boy-next-door-friend growing up, so I was excited to finally have one in college.  

Little did I know that we would be married, have a darling Dhara, and live this beautiful life together.  God’s ways are amazing; that is, if we are willing to go there with Him.  And that’s what I love about my husband — he was willing to go.  

I’ve heard people say that when you’re in love, everything is more beautiful.  It’s true.  When in love, the world has a specialness about it.  It’s kind of like when you put on a pair of sunglasses — the world is tinted a different color — the same goes for when you love.  Life has a feeling of rarity, exhilaration and beauty because you want to live it with the one you love.  I feel so blessed to be married to the one I love.  On a God note, I think this is how Jesus wants us to love Him.  He wants us to love Him in a way that changes the way we view life — in a way that makes this life more and more beautiful each day we love Him.

One of the main reasons that drew me to this man was his devotion to Jesus.  [Second, was his playfullness and ability to love life and river dance.]  He inspired me to love Jesus more — and he continues to do so.  He’s always had a desire for righteousness and more devotion.  I love his understanding of growing in Christ.  We can’t rely on our yesteryear devotions — it must be a constant and ongoing relationship.  Greg is so good at reminding me of this.  I love his desire to see this kind of love for God unfold in other peoples lives.

The photo below was one of those beautiful moments I mentioned earlier.  As Greg was reading his bible one morning on a balcony overlooking Cochin, a pretty yellow butterfly found it’s way to his arm.  It perched there for several seconds before it flew off.  I personally feel that when God lives in us, even his creation is drawn to us.      

I think it’s neat that him and I could be going on a nightly stroll outside, and he always seems to be the one who sees shooting stars.  I always miss them.  He’s seen so many over the years I’ve known him.  I’ve only seen one.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that he’s like a watchman on the wall from Ezekiel 33.  God has given him the gift to watch and see the things that people wouldn’t normally see.  It’s even neater to see this characteristic in our daughter.  She is also an observant one. 

Happy 30th Birthday to the love of my life who makes this life so much more beautiful.  I love your enthusiasm for life.  I love the way you love our daughter.  I thank you for your selflessness — for putting the needs of others above your very own on a daily basis — it does not go unnoticed.  I love Christ in you, and who He’s made you to be.  I love you.  — your susie.

But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day.”  Proverbs 4:18

2 months old.

Our darling, dear Dhara turns 2 months old tomorrow.  Boy does time fly.  She’ll be graduating from high school before we know it!  ; )  It’s been so very lovely to watch her these past two months.  It seems like her little personality just popped up out of no where.  A coy toothless grin here, some babbly baby talk there — and this little gal has already snuggled herself into all of our hearts.

This munchkin of a girl is so funny.  She lulls herself to sleep as we rock her — it actually sounds like she’s singing herself a little melody.  She also gives you a huge smile if you talk to her.  If she’s in a good mood, you don’t even have to say a word, just look at her, and you’ll get that adorable smile anyway.  Hmmm…it really makes my heart smile when I see her smile.  I sense something so satisfying in her smiles.  Her smiles let me know her satisfaction and contentment.  I pray God would give her the grace to always be satisfied and content with the life He’s given her.

She sneezes in three’s.  I don’t know if I know anyone that sneezes in three’s.  Her eyelashes have grown longer — I always wondered why boys got the long, thick lashes!?!  Though, when I look at my girly, I do love how delicate and sweet hers look.  Plus, now I know guys have the thick lashes because of testosterone.  She has chubby cheeks — I just want to kiss them all day long, but my grandma says not to kiss her cheeks, lest they get bigger.  She was taught that being raised in India.  For some reason I think that’s just an old Indian wives tale?  Dhara has one dimple, and it’s on her right cheek — a precious little surprise to us all.

[crocheted beanie with mauve flower, from Banner Boutique + Indian floral quilt, from A People United + blue floral quilt, from Sundance + smiley pudgy baby, handcrafted by Susie Mey.]

3 weeks old.

Her eye color remains a dark brown, while her jet black hair is slowly turning brown.  She’s a funny one, this Dhara.  She sleeps with her eyes open so she can watch if you put her down.  A smart little cookie indeed.  She wakes right up so we have to start the sleep dance all over again.  Before taking these pictures, she tricked me twice!  So we got Aunt Zuma to do her aunt thing and get this baby down for a nap so the photo hungry mommy could get her fill. 

[red ruffle cardigan sweater, from Gap + floral cotton dress, from FabIndia.] 

2 weeks old.

Already 2 weeks old!  I look at her now and wonder how ever did she fit in my belly?  Dhara has been more awake these past few days.  She has a fascination with staring outside at the earth in white.  I wonder what she thinks of this new world she’s in — compared to her previous world of warm amniotic fluid, closed quarters and muffled noises.  I had a sweet time today putting ribbon in her hair, cute cloth diapers on her tush, and preparing our little girl for stories of Narnia by giving her her first wardrobe experience.

[cloth diaper in joel dewberry deer print in green, from esbaby.]

2 years!


It’s crazy to think that we’ve known each other for close to 7 years now.  But today, Greg and I celebrate 2 years of marriage (actually it was around this time, 3 PM, that our wedding ceremony began).  It’s simply amazing when you get the chance to live your life with your bestest friend.  Greg has been the utmost most special blessing in my life.  His desire for God is so appealing to me.  His prayers for his baby girl every morning are the sweetest things (he speaks right into my belly).  His ability to carry himself in completely different circles really rocks my socks off.  His love for me is special beyond anything else I’ve ever experienced (except for God’s love of course!).  We feel like kids when we’re around each other.  We speak in funny voices when no one is around.  We have our own special sign language when no one is looking.  Oh God, I love this man so much.   

To celebrate our anniversary we whisked ourselves away to a cabin on Point Mountain in West Virginia.  There we rested, cooked good food, prayed together, built fires and stayed toasty, and lastly, conducted a little pregnancy photoshoot of my ever growing 33 week belly.  To all those who persistently asked, enjoy.

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