baby elisabet.

elisabetelisabet2elisabet6elisabet3elisabet9elisabet7elisabet8elisabet10elisabet11Sweet Baby Elisabet.  At 7 weeks old, this little gal is such a little sweetheart.  She’s one of the calmest babies around.  A couple weeks ago, I got the chance to stay over Ohio Becky’s house for a night and watch this mommy of three little girlies doing what she does best…being a mommy.  If ever I have a question about pregnancy + motherhood, she’s the one I go to.  She’s chock full of interesting tidbits, recipes and potions.  The newest addition to the family, Elisabet, is so very cuddly and so very a keeper.  I love how you can lay her down for a nap, and when you come back an hour later, she’s laying there eyes wide open just observing life — life being the ceiling for the time being.  A sweet baby for sure.

superhero material.

anna3anna2This little one, called Anna Sue, is what you would call superhero material.  She could probably talk a robber out of thievery, or a bandit out of banditry.  She’s one of a kind — full of wit, spirit, and has a knack for baking cakes (so her Betty Aunty says…).  I think Anna should have her own tv show of some adventurous chatty baking sort.  Kinda like Dora the Explorer, but instead, Anna, Ace Adventurer & Baking Extroardinaire.

baby yohan.

I had a little photo session today with Baby Yohan and the parents.  This is a first time for me when it comes to photographing infants.  Yohan was a very pleasant subject for being such a little one — three weeks old.  My favorite part was wrapping him in cheese cloth.  Oh, the things you can do to babies for the sake of photography!  So cute!

Picnik collage


the yohan blanket.


Greg and I just got back from Enoch and Tina’s place.  This past Friday they had a little baby boy, and they named him Yohan.  Tina is American, and Enoch is Indian, so it was really exciting for Greg and I to see this little one — it gave us a little picture of what our little one may look like.  I can truly say that of all the pregnant people I’ve ever known, Tina’s pregnancy seemed the most real to me.  We both have similar marriage stories — we both had to wait on God for an extended period of time before we married our fabulous Jesus-loving husbands.  We both are similar in our need to organize and clean, clean, clean!  We both are instilled with the need to nest.  Our pregnancies overlapped a couple months.  And the list goes on and on.  I am so blessed that I got the opportunity to meet someone like her here in Carbondale.  I know we will be life long friends in the years to come.


The moment I heard she went into labor on Friday, tears streamed down my face for her.  I don’t know what it was, but I know that moment felt so real for me.  In the end, we got the prayer chain going (200+ people praying for her), she had a blessed three hour delivery, and finally, what we all have been waiting for 9 months, a beautiful baby boy.


Before Yohan was born, a group of us girls got together to crochet him a blanket.  There were 12 of us who each made 6×6 blocks for the blanket.

Now I’m not at all about babyish types of gifts like blue blankets and pink bibs.  I think you can give a classy baby gift without it being very “baby.”  I personally think they are more classy and timeless.  In light of all that, I decided we should go with an earthy green theme for Yohan’s blanket.  So everyone chose a different type and variation of green yarn.  And behold the finished blanket.

blanketblanket2blanket3blanket4[photos above] baby blanket for Yohan.

[stitch technique: double stitch crochet. twenty-five 6×6 squares with 1.5 inch border.]