pumpkin patch.

It’s the season of pumpkins, apple cider, apple fritters and such, so we thought a trip to a local pumpkin patch was necessary to complete Dhara’s first fall experience.  It just so happened to be a day when there were tons of people at the farm.  (You might not be able to tell by the photos, but there were probably over a thousand there).  We walked around the pumpkin patch looking for pumpkins for each of us — a big one, medium one, and itty bitty one.  The itty bitty ones were the hardest to find because they were harvested first and taken up to the big red barn to sell.

It really was a glorious fall day in our parts.  Warm enough to not wear a jacket, but cool and breezy enough to feel like fall.  The babers was mesmerized by the splotches of orange that colored the vast green fields.

After we each found our pumpkin, we went to the big red barn to take part in all the fall festivities going on at the farm.  Freshly made kettle corn, straw maze, hayride, and good old fashioned food.

We got a huge smoked turkey leg and two glasses of cold apple cider, found a quiet spot under a tree and had a little picnic.

mama and baby

i’m the boss around here, got that?

papa and baby

greg talking to baby about the farm chickens, goats, and cats

apple picking — next on our agenda!

enjoying a lovely picnic of smoked turkey and cold apple cider

greg taking a bite out of a huge leg of smoked turkey

white eggplant

back home — dhara ecstatic over her little family of pumpkins

it’s really the simple things, ya know?