Project 5: Circles.

Now that things are slowing down in our household, I’m trying to catch up on my Home Ec projects.  This next project is actually a bunting project, as pictured below from the Home Ec class:

However, I personally didn’t like the idea of round bunting.  The main skill that was meant to be learned from this project was fabric circles, so I went ahead and made 1 circle and framed it in an embroidery hoop to hang on the wall as a simple piece of ethnic art.  I’m hoping to use the skill of making fabric circles for a future quilt or blanket project.

I made my fabric circle with some vegetable dyed fabric from India.  I then sewed the circle onto a piece of sheery blue cotton voile.  My past Home Ec projects can be found here (pin cushioncloth napkins, drawstring gift pouch, reusable grocery bag).

hung with family photos

reusable grocery bag.

Project 4: Reusable Grocery Bag.

Another Home Ec project completed!  After recently making a tote bag for Heather, I knew I wanted one for myself for those Tuesday trips to the library with my girl, or a trip to Roots Market — this reusable grocery bag is the perfect size for children’s books, or for fresh fruit and veggies if you prefer to use your own shopping bag at the grocery store.  The outer fabric is a sturdy vintage cotton canvas I picked up at a thrift store a couple years ago.  The inner lining is some good ol’ linen — the project didn’t call for an inner lining, but I thought I would go ahead and add one to sturdy the bag and for visual appeal.  I’ve been incorporating linen into more of my work as of late because I love it so much.

I really do love the vintage/urban blend of the bag.  Although I do have a hang-up when it comes to handmade handles, I dunno, just never liked handmade cloth handles.  I think for a future tote bag project I may want to add leather handles instead — just my own preference.  I’m also really pleased with how the inside of the bag turned out — I love the X joints on the handles, and the seamless look of the linen against the vintage fabric.  My past Home Ec projects can be found here (pin cushioncloth napkins, drawstring gift pouch).

a few of our favorite books — ABC’s by Charlie Hopper, The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle, and two 100 year old versions of Little Women and Riley Child-Rhymes from my dear hub for our 3 year anniversary last year

drawstring gift pouch.

Project 3: Drawstring Gift Pouch.

For my next Home Ec project I made a medium sized drawstring gift pouch. Instead of wrapping a gift with paper, I created this pretty pouch that acts as a bonus gift and reusable bag!  The main part of the pouch is made from a reproduction french provincial cotton and the upper band is made from linen.  For the drawstring I used twill tape which more or less feels like ribbon.  My past Home Ec projects can be found here (pin cushion, cloth napkins).




filled with cloth diapers

I used twill tape for the drawstring

freshly cut dogwood blossoms from our backyard woods

cloth napkins.

Project 2: Cloth Napkins.

Vintage or handmade cloth napkins are a little something-something that make my heart happy.  They show me that you care.  They make a home sweet and cozy. Especially during tea time, with perhaps a side of blackberry tea cake?  My next Home Ec project is two-fold: single sided cloth napkins, and double sided cloth napkins.  My past Home Ec projects can be found here (pin cushion).

stack of handmade cloth napkins

single sided napkins

the zig zag stitch adds a simple decorative touch

double sided napkins

front is 100% cotton, back is 100% linen

the blue ricrac adds a playful touch

me thinks it’s time for a picnic

pin cushion.

As some of you may remember, and still ask about, I signed up for a sewing class last fall.  I can’t say I’ve been totally up to speed with it, but the nice thing about the class is that it’s designed to finish in a year’s time — which is great for stay-at-home mamas!  That year will be up in August; which means I need to get crack’in! I’ve been meaning to post the projects I’ve completed thus far — so here goes:

Project 1: Pin Cushion.

The projects start off easy and get harder from project to project.  I had alot of fun making this pin cushion.  The instructions asked that I piece it together in patchwork style; however, I added a little of my own style by hand embroidering a vintage doily onto the front of the pin cushion and some onto the back.  I love thrifting for vintage doilies and fabric just for this reason!

Now, just as a fun gesture, I’d like to mail this pin cushion out to someone as a little gift from Susie Mey.  : )  Leave a comment here on this post, or shoot me an email at and let me know!  I would keep it, but I have two handmade ones that could never be replaced because they are my absolute favorite!

sewing class.

I debated over it for a couple weeks and finally took the plunge.  I signed myself up for a sewing class ($60).  An online sewing class via the super crafty blog, Freckled Nest.  The class is called Home Ec and is taught by three fun and super creative gals, Leigh Ann, Rachel, and Courtney.  I love sewing and have been sewing for about 9 years now.  But I signed up for this refresher course because I’m interested in learning special sewing techniques and working on the 25 class projects — the initial projects being very easy — but the later projects being just up my alley.  (I’m really looking forward to the leather bag project!).  The projects also looked really fun and useful.  It’s neat because the class also has a private Flickr group so students can share photos of their finished work.

Today starts the first day of class and Rachel will be showing us two ways to sew cloth napkins.  Easy I know, but I’ve never used ricrac before, so this will be fun.  I hope to share projects on my blog as they are completed.

In terms of fabric and supplies for each one of these projects, I pretty much already have all the fabric and supplies I need in my stash, but I went to the fabric store yesterday to pick up the few items I didn’t have on hand for the first few assignments.

soft muslin, waffle cotton, and pillow ticking

I have a special place in my heart for cotton ribbon

blue striped linen

warm blue and mustard green ricrac