first plane ride.

She experienced her first plane ride en route to Texas.  We gave her a bottle going up so that her ears wouldn’t pop.  She slept a good 1.5 hours during the 3 hour flight, she laughed and played with strangers, read her favorite book, and ate some baby food during the flight.  She didn’t take a bottle going down, so she had some ear poppage which made her a little fussy.

Overall, she was a happy and pleasant baby during the whole experience and loved the grown-up feel of being at the airport in the early morning (6 AM), and being on a plane surrounded by so many new faces and new things to look at.

wearing her “going to market blouse.”  also, take notice of her new teeth.

brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?” by bill martin jr. + eric carle and a bottle of baby food (organic apples) from roots market.  she loves the book, and hates the baby food in a jar.  the look on her face after her first bite, “what is this stuff, old people food or something?”

texans love texas.

We are heading down to Texas for a whole week.  I’m leaving in a few hours, but before I go, I thought I would post a journal entry detailing my first trip there in 2007 to visit Greg’s family.  The following entry is from my old blog.  It’s a lovely reminder of the things to come this next week.  I hope to post more while I’m there.  See ya’ll in Texas!

December 12th, 2007

I like Maryland, but for some reason, I can’t say I LOVE Maryland.  That’s why I think it’s kinda cool to hear when people say that Texans love Texas — it gives me a homey pride inside…even though I’m not from around there.

This past weekend Greg and I, along with his parents and sister, spent 5 lovely days in Wimberly, Texas visiting family.  We stayed at his uncle’s riverside bed and breakfast with many people from Greg’s maternal side of the family — the Collins’.  This family really blew me away with their hospitality and all their wonderful story telling of years gone by.

This is the kind of family you write books about.  Books detailing their arrival to America by ship and living under a great big tree until they could build a house for themselves.  Books about cotton picking and becoming something great.  Books about making something out of nothing.  These are the types of books I love reading on a rainy day like today in my white cotton nightgown and snuggled deep down under the covers.  Maybe even an entire book on kolaches or kolacky!  These are usually sweet buns made from yeasted dough and usually have fruit or poppy seed filling — bohemian goodness at its best.  I had one with sausage, spicy jalapenos and cheese, and BOY was it tasty!!!

I didn’t realize that Czechs are also called Bohemians until I spoke to Greg’s grandmother who spoke bohemian when when she was a young Czech girl growing up in Texas.  Quite interesting.  I always knew there was something nomadic, gypsy-like and free spirited about my husband — but I could not pinpoint it until now.  : )  I can most definitely see where Greg gets some of his interesting quirks from after meeting these neat people.

granny lanny and greg

blanco river on a downcast day

the grandboys

beaching it.

This past weekend we went to the eastern shore!  As usual, we had a relaxing time, great weather, and great food!  Greg’s dad is such an awesome cook — his family always jokes that he needs his own TV show.  I also had lunch at my favorite, Georgia House (my third time there) — and for the third time, had the club on wheatberry bread with sweet potato fries and some delicious pretzel salad.  I have absolutely no desire to try anything new even though I know it’s all good.  We also hit a few yard sales where I picked up two vases for $1.00, and a couple antique shops where I got a darling vintage white dress with blue embroidery (in perfect condition) for my darling Dhara, a few wooden spools for my yarn, and some vintage woven dish towels because I just have this thing for vintage woven dish towels — a small collection of mine. : )

And as always, we hit the beach!  Dhara wore a two-piece that her Aunt Lori got her.  She had an excellent time at the beach.  Our baby loved to feel the breeze and feel the sand between her fingers.  She would quietly pick up a handful of sand in her small chub hand, and softly let is slide through her fingers — so cute.

I just love this photo of Greg and Dhara — so peaceful and content watching the waves get closer and closer.

Dhara loves to touch Aunt Beth’s dog, Missy.

An old chapel built in the late 1800’s.  Greg’s mom wanted to purchase this chapel to start a quilt shop!  Dhara says, “There’s still time Grandma!”

Dhara visited Grandma’s school, saw her beautifully plush office, and met her co-workers.  She also met Aunt Beth’s co-workers too.

This cloth doll belonged to Greg’s mom’s great, great grandmother, Dr. Martha.  Which means, it belonged to Dhara’s great, great, great, great grandmother!  Wow!  It’s probably dated back to the Civil War era.  The history behind Dr. Martha is so interesting.  A while back, Greg’s mom showed me an article written about her.  She was a medical doctor who was very familiar with holistic medicines.  She rode horseback to her patients’ homes to treat them.  My most favorite part of the article is the part about her being a radical Baptist woman who cried out to God when she couldn’t help a patient.  What an amazing heritage!  I pray that Dr. Martha’s prayers be imparted to little Dhara — so that she too can be a radical woman of prayer!

Dhara at the pool.

Grandma feeding Dhara sweet potatoes.